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Toppik has become a very popular solution for men and women to fill their thinning hairlines in a matter of seconds.

It’s very effective on hiding a receding hairline, but could Toppik also be used as a natural patchy beard filler?

The short answer is yes. You can buy some Toppik fibers that match closely to your facial hair color and then sprinkle or spray (I would recommend the spray nozzle) the fibers into your beard to make it appear fuller.

This is a temporary solution obviously, but it’s much easier and natural-looking than trying to fill out your beard with a beard dye (a method many men try to do, unsuccessfully), and much faster than the permanent beard filling solutions like Minoxidil.

Let’s take a closer look at how to apply Toppik to your beard, what it is, and why does it work so well. ↓

What is Toppik and How it Works for Facial Hair

toppik for beard

Toppik (and some of its competitors like Boldify) are natural hair building fibers that are commonly applied to the scalp to hide bald spots and hair loss.

They are keratin protein fibers that bond tightly to your existing hairs through natural static charge. There are multiple different colors available for dark beards, ginger beards, salt & pepper beards, etc.

Since your hair and facial hair is also made of keratin, the hair building fibers will look virtually identical to your own (provided that you choose the right color).

It doesn’t really matter whether you apply Toppik to your beard or your hair, it will still work extremely well, and the fibers can very easily blend into both of those hair textures.

The more facial hair you have, obviously the better the results will be because there are more natural hairs for the fibers to bond with, but your coverage really doesn’t need to be that impressive for Toppik to work on filling out the beard.

The best part is that the natural fibers are very resistible to wind, rain, and sweat. If you get the fiber hold spray as well (have to get it separately), you still can’t go swimming, but it will be relatively water-proof.

How to Apply Toppik Fibers to the Beard

how to use toppik on beard

To use hair building fibers on your beard, I highly recommend that you get a bottle of Toppik (which comes with a salt-shaker type of applicator), then get a replacement spray nozzle on it, and also some of the fiber holding spray.

With these tools, the application into the beard is quick and easy and can be done in the following five steps.

How to Use Toppik on Beard in 5 Steps

Step #1 – Preparations

Start by going into a place where you can easily clean the non-attached fibers later. The bathroom will most likely be the best choice.

Now take your Toppik bottle (which hopefully matches your natural beard color) and screw off the salt-shaker type applicator to replace it with the spray nozzle.

Step #2 – Making the Skin More Bindable

To make sure that even the patchiest bald spots will get good coverage of the natural hair building fibers, you can apply moisturizer, beard oil, or even beard balm to the areas.

This will ensure that the keratin fibers will stick to your facial hair and not be knocked off by the spray nozzle each time you apply more.

Step #3 – Spray in the Toppik Fibers

Now all you need to do is to start spraying in the natural hair building fibers onto your beard area. Make sure to keep the nozzle at a distance of about two inches for more natural-looking even results.

Step #4 – Finishing the Edges

If you want to have clean and sharp beard neckline and cheekline after applying the Toppik fibers to your beard, all you need to do is to use a straight razor to gently push and shave off the keratin.

You could also just use a piece of folded paper or a tissue if you have shaped your natural beard hairs before applying the fibers.

Step #5 – Applying the Binding Spray

I highly recommend you get the fiber hold spray with your Toppik. It doesn’t cost a lot, but it will make the “fake hairs” stick to the beard so much better and you can enjoy the results for far longer.

All you need to do to apply it is to spray a few pumps from a reasonable distance all over your facial hair area.


Yes, Toppik and other brands of hair building keratin fibers can be used on the beard, and as a result, you will get a thicker beard.

It’s a temporary solution, but with the use of a moisturizer/oil before applying and then finishing off with the fiber hold spray, you can make the results last for days.

And the best part is that it looks really natural, much much more so than dying your beard to make it look fuller does.

Just make sure to choose the right shade of Toppik to match your natural beard color (there are 23 colors as of now) and get the spray nozzle  because it will make applying it to your beard so much easier.

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