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Welcome to the internet’s most comprehensive and detailed ranking of the best beard products in 2023 in every category.

And when I say best, I truly mean it. We have hand-picked twenty of the most essential beard grooming tools you need to try.

Whether you’re looking to buy a beard brush, some beard oil, or maybe a trimmer or dye, we have got you covered.

Our expert review goes through the details and key points of 20 beard care and growth products, picking out the best in each category.

Each of the twenty sections will link to our more detailed reviews.

So for example when we mention the best beard oil below, you can find a link to our more detailed larger review of different beard oils.

Same goes for balms, waxes, and even stubble trimmers, we have examined and thoroughly tested them all before, and this resource post is a big review of the greatest beard tools in their own categories.

If you don’t have a clue why you should use these beard tools and products, please read our mega-guide on how to grow a beard for the first time.

Without further ado, let’s look at the best beard accessories every beardsman needs in his arsenal.

Best Beard Products of 2023

Beard Brush: Kent BRD2 Boar Bristle Brush

kent brd2 beard brush

There was a clear winner in our earlier beard brush review, and that was;

Kent BRD2 boar bristle beard brush.

Certainly, it’s not the cheapest brush out there, but the superior quality has us sold.

The BRD2 comes with a sturdy and pleasant 6.7-inch “pistol-grip” style beechwood handle and the bristle material is the best of the best; 100% boars bristle hair.

Kent has been making their brushes for a long time, in fact; the company was established in 1777, and ever since they have been considered the leading brush and comb maker in the World.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United Kingdom
  • Bristles: 100% pure boar bristle
  • Bristle Stiffness: Medium
  • Handle Material: Beechwood
  • User Feedback: Well-received
  • Size: 6.7″ x 3.2″ x 1.9″
  • Price: High-tier

Who should buy it?

Anyone who needs to tame and style their beard with the help of a strong boars bristle brush, which helps to redistribute cosmetic beard products and your own natural oils from the root to tip.

(Note that we don’t recommend a brush with this bristle stiffness for anyone with a very short or patchy beard).

Brushing the beard also helps to exfoliate the skin under the beard (removing dead skin cells and beardruff) and stimulates the natural production of beard nourishing sebum oils.

So if that sounds like your cup of tea, definitely get the BRD2.


  • Outshines its competition in terms of quality.
  • The material choices are the best you can get.
  • Angled bristles specifically contoured for both handiness.


  • Expensive and probably not the best “value” choice.
  • Small supply and big demand mean that it’s often sold out.
  • Not much else really.

All of Kent’s products are hand-crafted in the UK by seasoned professionals, and their production line looks simply beautiful.

Beard Comb: Kent 3-Piece Beard Comb Set

kent 3-piece beard comb set

Aside from making the greatest brushes, Kent also produces some of the most amazing beard combs we have ever seen.

Their 3-piece handmade beard and mustache comb set sawcut from hardshell materials is no exception.

We think it’s the best beard comb choice you can make, even though they might look like your average plastic combs after a quick glance.

The kit includes:

  • 2.8″ 81T Small mustache comb
  • 4.4″ FOT Medium-sized beard comb
  • 5.6″ R7T Large beard comb with 2 teeth widths

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United Kingdom
  • Comb Material: Cellulose acetate
  • Teeth Spacing: Narrow to medium
  • User Feedback: Mostly positive
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy it?

Anyone who is tired of the poor quality plastic beard combs with jagged stamp-pressed tines. And instead wants to experience a real handmade quality comb crafted from large sheets of cellulose acetate with perfectly smooth, rounded tines that glide through your beard effortlessly.


  • Each comb is individually handmade.
  • Cellulose acetate is a fantastic material close to natural ivory.
  • The tines are sawcut and rounded, they will never pull your beard.


  • The 81T is extremely tiny for big handed guys.
  • Big and bushy beards might need a tad bit larger teeth width.
  • They lack the amazing woodsy scent most wooden combs have.

All-in-all, even though we often recommend wooden beard combs, the best ones are (in our opinion) still Kent’s cellulose acetate combs.

Beard Oil: ZilberHaar N°1 Beard Oil

zilberhaar beard oil

ZilberHaar as a brand is more well-known for its great value boar bristle beard brush lineup.

In fact, their brushes are currently some of the most sold ones on all major online retailers, and we have highlighted those several times on this website.

But they also make the best beard oil there is, and this is not because they would go crazy sourcing the finest “premium oils” as their competitors do.

Instead, they simply use pure organic jojoba oil and pure organic argan oil in their recipe.

The funny thing is that a beard oil shouldn’t necessarily have anything more, as so many carrier oils and essential oils actually suppress testosterone and DHT, the beard growth hormones.

Brands that think they’re cool by stuffing their bottles with 10+ different oils and then calling it “premium” often create a product that will hinder your natural beard growth ability.

Even worse; if the oils are mostly polyunsaturated, those go rancid when exposed to oxygen, heat, and light (all the three being around your face).

This is why we love the ZilberHaar N°1. They don’t do the useless stuff.

They simply got some of the best ingredients (jojoba and argan won’t hurt the hormones or go rancid) mixed those into a nice looking dropper bottle and called it a day.

As an end result their beard oil has an amazing quality at a very affordable price.


Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: France (bottle), China (oil)
  • Size: 1 oz. (30ml)
  • Carrier Oils: 2
  • Essential Oils: 0
  • User Feedback: Positive (4.9-star average)
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy it?

This beard oil is best suited for those who are tired of buying the expensive “premium” beard oils that contain nothing more than low-quality vegetable oils like sunflower seed oil, safflower oil, etc.

At Beard Resource we always recommend you to make your own homemade DIY beard oils, as this allows you to be in 100% control of the ingredients and the costs are marginal compared to buying the premade stuff.

But if you’re not a big DIY guy, then the next best choice is the ZilberHaar N°1 beard oil, easily.


  • High-quality ingredients and no fluff or “premium” stuff.
  • Affordable price and they even give a beard comb as a gift.
  • Ingredients won’t go rancid on the beard or suppress hormones.


  • Not a big con for most but it’s unscented.
  • Cheaper than most, still expensive compared to DIY beard oil.
  • Meadowfoam oil or castor oil would have made great additions.

Bottom line: You may find it surprising that we are not recommending the usual “Honest Amish beard oil” or Beard Brand oils as the #1 beard oil product. They may be popular, but we don’t respect their choice of ingredients.

Beard Balm: OneDTQ Big Forest Balm

big forest beard balm

Making a beard balm is something I love to do.

And frankly, sometimes I have to do that since the premade stuff is blended from ingredients I don’t care to use.

(easy-to-rancid vegetable oils, DHT-blockers, etc).

And boy was I happy when I finally found the Big Forest Beard Balm from OneDTQ, small beard care brand from Brooklyn, NY.

Not only are the carrier oils, wax, and fat good for your hormones, their choice of essential oil (balsam fir needle oil) is also androgenic and likely one of the few truly growth promoting essential oils there is.

This is why the Big Forest beard balm was ranked as the greatest beard balm in our earlier review, and why I decided to highlight it once again here in our list of best beard accessories.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Size: 2oz. (60ml)
  • Carrier Oils: 3
  • Essential Oils: 4
  • Hold: Medium
  • User Feedback: Mostly positive
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy it?

When it comes to beard accessories, beard balm is considered as the next rational step from beard oil.

It offers a waxier consistency and usually helps the beard to retain its natural moisture by creating a protective barrier on top of your facial hair.

Sadly, many brands use low-quality vegetable oils and harmful essential oils in their formulations (like tea tree oil or eucalyptus for example).

So if you want to skip those bad ingredients and use a beard product that has just the good stuff, then our #1 balm recommendation is the Big Forest Beard Balm.


  • Good blend of carrier oils and fats.
  • One of the few brands that use balsam fir needle oil.
  • 2 oz. tin is larger than most competitors have.


  • Although good value, it’s still much cheaper to make your own.
  • No third-party quality control as it’s a small beard care brand.

Bottom line: Unless you make your own DIY beard balms, then there’s no better beard product balm-wise than the Big Forest by OneDTQ. Trust me, I have checked the ingredient lists of hundreds of beard balms to draw this conclusion.

Beard Wax: Seven Potions Beard Wax

seven potions beard wax

In our larger review of beard waxes and styling gels, we chose The Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Wax as the number one.

It’s just much better than its competitors in the small niche category of beard waxes.

But what is beard wax exactly?

Well, they’re not liquids like beard oil, not buttery like balms, but instead more waxy and firm. Kind of like the third-step in natural beard product progression if you may.

The Seven Potions Blog explains the difference between these key products pretty well.

With beard wax, you can shape and style your beard effortlessly, while at the same time the ingredients are natural and nourish the beard (not anything like hair wax, which is often filled with synthetic chemicals).

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United Kingdom
  • Size: 1 oz. (30ml)
  • Organic Ingredients: Yes
  • Carrier Oils: 8
  • Essential Oils: 4
  • Hold: Strong
  • User Feedback: Positive
  • Price: Low-tier

Who should buy it?

If you find that the average beard balm is just not strong enough to give your beard that tamability you need, then beard wax is the logical choice, as it’s almost the same thing, but just with a firmer hold.

Some guys also use hair gels and waxes in their beard when they can’t tame them otherwise, and if that’s you, I highly suggest you give beard wax a try instead.

It offers almost the same hold as hair waxes and gels, but the ingredients are natural and instead of hurting your beard, it doubles as a beard grooming product that nourishes the facial hair.


  • Produced in a third-party quality controlled facility.
  • Solid ingredient list, no major issues, unlike competitors.
  • The yellow design across Seven Potions products is amazing.
  • Provides excellent hold and styling benefits for most beard types.


  • They don’t disclose all the essential oils used for fragrance.
  • 1 oz. tin is quite small and quickly runs out if used daily.

Bottom line: Beard wax is relatively useful beard product, perhaps not as useful as oils and balms, but still; very useful if you want to style and tame the beard. The Seven Potions Beard Wax is the best of its kind.

Mustache Wax: Bossman MUDstache Wax

bossman mustache wax

How could we leave out mustache wax from our list of best beard products?

Well, we can’t.

And the best product for this purpose has to be the Bossman MUDstache wax.

If you’ve read our article on mustache waxes, you may see that we didn’t list this product there.

That’s simply because we hadn’t found it yet. When I go back to update that article next time, the MUDstache wax will certainly take #1.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Size: 0.75 oz. (22ml)
  • Organic Ingredients: No
  • Hold: Strong
  • User Feedback: Positive
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should consider buying it?

Anyone who needs a wax that truly holds the whiskers in place without hardening up too much after use.

The average mustache wax gives good hold for just a few hours and usually makes the mustache firm and even painful after use.

Many also have strong scents due to the lavish use of essential oils, which isn’t ideal, considering that mustache wax is a type of beard product that you apply directly under the nostrils.

This is where the Bossman wax steps in.

It’s soft but still provides an insanely good hold for a full day of use, while it’s also unscented so you don’t pass out from all the fumes.

And best of all, it stays soft on the mustache even though it holds the whiskers firmly in place, and easily washes off after you don’t need it anymore.

We are not sure why it acts so well, but presumably, it’s because of their ingredient list that contains no polyunsaturated vegetable oils (which are known to harden when exposed to oxygen, light, and heat).


  • Not water-based like many low-quality waxes.
  • Provides amazing hold for all types of mustaches.
  • Doesn’t require heating to melt it for use, stays soft.
  • Much more natural-looking and less noticeable than most waxes.


  • Daily emails asking for a review after purchase is off-putting.
  • Mustaches won’t take up much, but the 0.75 oz container is tiny.
  • Some don’t like the natural scent of the used ingredients.

Bottom line: The MUDstache wax is one of its kind in providing hold to the ‘Stache without hardening up like glue after a few hours of use. We think it has to be the best mustache wax, simple as that.

Beard Shampoo: Scotch Porter Beard Wash

scotch porter beard wash

It’s really difficult to find a good beard shampoo that doesn’t have any harmful ingredients.

Most brands have gone crazy with parabens, phthalates, and DHT-blocker essential oils in their shampoo formulations.

Not Scotch Porter though.

They are one of the few brands that are 100% natural and use no SLS, parabens or DHT blockers in their formulations.

This beard wash is also mild and won’t strip off all the natural sebum oils that your beard desperately needs to grow and remain healthy.

That’s precisely why our earlier article about great beard washes ranks it at the top.

It’s as if they realized that it was actually a wash for the facial hair and not the scalp-hair. My salutes to the person who came up with the ingredients.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Size: 8 oz. (236ml)
  • Natural Ingredients: Yes
  • Lather: Average
  • User Feedback: Mostly positive
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy it?

Honestly, if you have a beard and you wash it, then this should be your shampoo of choice.

There are so many bad options out there, and the Scotch Porter wash easily shines above them.

And no, you should not be washing the beard with a basic scalp-hair shampoo, that’s one of the biggest beard mistakes around.


  • Natural ingredients free of SLS, parabens, and other junk.
  • Gentle and won’t strip away all the important sebum oils.
  • Nice looking design and overall part of a great lineup.


  • The 8oz. bottle looks bigger on the product page than in reality.
  • I would personally leave out aloe and rosemary leaf.
  • Can get considerably more expensive than regular shampoo.

Bottom line: Beard should always be washed with a specific type of facial hair shampoo, not the strong oil-stripping scalp-hair shampoos. And for that purpose, the Scotch Porter Hydrating Beard Wash is the best of the best.

Beard Conditioner: Scotch Porter Hydrating

scotch porter hydrating beard conditioner

Let’s continue with the hype train of Scotch Porter’s products because they actually make a darn good beard conditioner as well.

We know because we have gone through the ingredient lists of dozens of them.

No other conditioner simply comes close to the greatness seen in this beard grooming product.

What makes it so good are the same things that make their wash so amazing.

It’s 100% natural, free of SLS, parabens, and other harmful ingredients, while it also does exactly what it’s supposed to; get’s your beard soft as a pillow.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Size: 8 oz. (236ml)
  • Organic Ingredients: No
  • Application time: 2-5 minutes
  • User Feedback: Positive
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy it?

Anyone who wants to make their beard softer and more manageable after a shower.

While it isn’t mandatory to use a beard conditioner (some oil and a good beard wash are enough) it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile with a softening facial hair conditioner.


  • No SLS, no parabens, no harmful chemicals.
  • It doesn’t just say “beard softener” it actually makes it soft.
  • Free of mineral oil, commonly found in conditioners.


  • The container looks way bigger on the product page than it is.
  • As with the wash, they should get rid of aloe and rosemary.
  • May add some unnecessary costs to your beard care routine.

Bottom line: Beard conditioner is a semi-important beard product to have around. It will make your beard healthier and softer, but some are right to say that it can also add up as extra costs, while just beard oil and beard wash often suffice.

Beard Scrub: Brickell Men’s Face Scrub

brickell mens exfoliating beard scrub

Owning a beard exfoliator scrub is not mandatory at all, but it can come in handy occasionally.

(namely in removing dead skin cells and beardruff from deep within the beard skin)

For this purpose, the organic Brickell’s Face Scrub for Men gets the job done.

It’s 100% natural and certified organic, which means that it’s also free of any estrogenic parabens, SLS, or silicones, or other harmful compounds.

Checking through their ingredients, they also do a good job at avoiding the natural DHT-blockers which could end up suppressing your rate of growth. Points to them for that as well.


Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Size: 4 oz. (118ml)
  • Organic Ingredients: 70%
  • Exfoliating power: Medium
  • User Reviews: Fairly Positive
  • Price: High-tier

Who should buy it?

If your beard gets dandruffy and the skin underneath feels dirty, then a face scrub might be a worthwhile beard product to invest in.

If you don’t have beard problems like dandruff, ingrown beard hairs, or a flaky rash under the mane, then I wouldn’t recommend getting it, as you probably do good enough job exfoliating with other means already.


  • Good organic ingredients that are suitable for beard use.
  • Really exfoliates the skin and isn’t just lotion-like some scrubs.
  • Ingredient-wise it’s miles ahead of the competition.


  • I was surprised to see some fake reviews on their listings.
  • Some say that the scrub is too oily for their preference.
  • Not the most important beard product to own.

Bottom line: Beard scrub is an OK beard product to get, but it’s not the first one that you should rush to buy. Make sure to get good beard oil, maybe some balm, shampoo, brush, and a beard comb before you get the beard exfoliating scrubs.

Beard Kit: Maison Lambert Ultimate Kit

maison lambert beard kitThis is by far my favorite beard product of all time.

The best beard kit of them all, The Maison Lambert Ultimate.

I mean just look at that beast of a beard care set.

What’s in it?

Organic beard oil (1oz), organic beard balm (2.5oz), organic mustache wax (1oz), organic beard shampoo (4oz), boar bristle beard brush, beard trimming scissors, and a metallic beard comb.

All of these come in a high-quality PU leather toiletry bag that looks just like something where you would store all your best beard care products.


Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Organic Ingredients: Yes
  • The number of products: 8
  • User Feedback: Ultra-positive
  • Price: High-tier

Who should buy it?

This set is best suited for men who value quality beard products and aren’t afraid of a bit higher cost (it’s a bit expensive, that’s for sure).

If you don’t own any beard products yet, then what could be better than getting a nice stack of great ones in a complete kit?

This beard product is also one of the coolest beard gifts you could give to a man. I can’t imagine a scenario where someone with facial hair wouldn’t enjoy receiving it.


  • Ultra-masculine design that just looks stunning.
  • All of the beard care products inside are top-line quality
  • Ingredient lists are great, can’t find many better oils and balms.


  • Changing from wooden comb to metallic was a downgrade.
  • There’s a bit of tea tree and lavender oil for scent.
  • You need to have the $$$, this kit is expensive.

Bottom line: We have tested and reviewed tens of beard kits (yes, it did cost us a small fortune) and the Maison Lambert kit is simply the best beard product in its own category.

Beard Scissors: Ontaki 5″ Beard Scissors

japanese stainless steel beard scissorsWe know our stuff when it comes to the beard and mustache trimming scissors.


Because we have reviewed a bunch of them before.

The best ones?

Those Premium Japanese Stainless-Steel Beard Scissors you can see on that image.

They’re the perfect 5″ size, so you can use them on your beard as well as on your mustache (4″ is a tad too small, 6″ would be too big).

The steel quality and sharpness of the convex-blades are out of this world, as to be expected since the material is highly regarded J2 420 Japanese stainless-steel.

There are also a tension screw, finger rest, silicone rings for the hole adjustments, and a small leather travel pouch included with your purchase.

The best part, however, is the price. All of the above costs just barely under 20 dollars.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: Taiwan
  • Size: 5-inches
  • Finger Rest: Yes
  • Steel Type: Japanese J2 420
  • Handiness: Left & Right
  • User Feedback: Great
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy them?

Anyone who needs to trim, cut, and shape their facial hair.

I mean there isn’t a specific type of beard that would be best for these scissors, they are so good that they will cut effortlessly through any type of beard while minimizing the occurrence of beard split-ends and other types of beard hair damage.


  • Suitable for both handiness; lefties and righties.
  • Extremely sharp convex-blades will cut through any beard.
  • Perfect size for both beard and mustache trimming.
  • Extremely competitive pricing, likely the best value.


  • The finger rest is designed only for righties.
  • Big bearded men may need 6-7″ scissors instead.
  • Finger holes are too small for guys with large hands.

Bottom line: Beard scissors are an essential part of any facial hair grooming routine, and one of the most important beard care products a man needs. Good scissors last for years, so it’s best to choose great ones instead of damaging your beard with cheap low-quality shears.

Beard Trimmer: Panasonic ER-SB40-K

panasonic er sb 40k beard trimmer

Our review of the best beard trimmers for men may be one of the most detailed beard product examinations on our site.

The winner of that review was easy to pick;

The Panasonic ER-SB40-K.

We don’t say this lightly, but this is the very best beard trimming product a man can buy, but at the same time, one of the most expensive ones in its category.

Being the flagship trimmer of Panasonic, the ER-SB40-K has a powerful 9800 cuts-per-minute (CPM) linear trimmer motor which is able to cut through any kinds of facial hair; effortlessly.

The blades are sharp round-tipped hypoallergenic stainless-steel and the Li-ion battery can run for 60 minutes for a full 1-hour charge.

The lightweight design and IPX7 waterproof classification are an added bonus, but perhaps the most important advantage of the ER-SB40-K is that it has a simple adjustable guard system.

Too many flashy new beard trimmers have made the mistake of using multiple non-adjustable guards, so you will end up with dozens of plastic pieces that you have to be constantly switching up.

Not an issue in this trimmer though, just add the guard in place and set the desired length from the wheel that adjusts to 19-lengths.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: Japan
  • Waterproof: Yes (IPX7)
  • Charge Time: 60-minutes
  • Trim Time: 1-hour (full charge)
  • Size: 7″ (length)
  • Length Settings: 19
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Price: High-tier

Who should buy it?

Someone who frequently trims their beard and wants to get a real flagship trimmer instead of a cheap basic one.


  • Powerful trimmer motor cuts through any beard.
  • Easy-to-adjust quick-lock guard mechanism.
  • High-quality Li-ion battery with 60min runtime per charge.
  • Dual voltage (100-240V), IPX7 waterproof.


  • Very expensive compared to most other trimmers.
  • No extra nose, body, or ear trimming attachments.
  • The wide blade structure makes it harder to do small detail work.

Bottom line: Beard trimmer is one of the most versatile and useful beard tools to own, and the Panasonic ER-SB40-K is the best trimmer among intense competition.

Stubble Trimmer: Conair Man Super Stubble

conair man super stubble trimmer

Conair permanently changed the stubble trimmer game when they released the i-Stubble trimmer seven years ago.

What made it so special was easy to adjust blade housing that features the patented “FlexBlade technology”.

What that means in practice is that the part that is pushing against your face, will move and contour around all the shapes and bumps, giving you the perfect sexy stubble style.

Recently, they have come out with an improved version, the Super Stubble, which is an upgrade to their previous stubble trimmer.

Is it any good you ask?

Yes. So good that we slapped the #1 ranking on it in our review of the greatest stubble trimmers.

It has 24-length variables that can come very close to the skin in tiny increments, meaning that you can get practically any length of stubble you desire.

It’s easy to adjust, has a powerful motor, and the electrochemically formed blades make it pleasant to use.

What more could you ask for?

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: Multiple countries
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Charge Time: 80-minutes
  • Run Time: 70-minutes (full charge)
  • Size: 11″ (length)
  • Length Settings: 24
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Price: Medium-tier


  • Powerful trimmer motor with no snagging.
  • Sharp and durable electrochemically formed blades.
  • The flexible contouring head is just insanely good.


  • Some users say that the head breaks easier with the new model.
  • Only good as a stubble trimmer, not much use for longer beards.
  • No replacement parts are available if you break anything.

Bottom line: If you need a stubble trimmer, then look no further, the iStubble was great, but the Super Stubble trimmer is even greater.

Beard Straightener: Aberlite Heat Brush

aberlite heated beard straightening brush

Is there ever a legitimate use for heated beard straightening tools?

Yes, of course. In fact we have recently published our complete guide on how to straighten a beard.

I don’t really recommend using straightening irons or heated press combs, as both use too high heat and damage the beard eventually.

But a new innovation called the beard heat brush operates at a lower temperature and features anti-scald ceramic bristles that prevent the damage to your beard and your face.

Of course, they also make your curly beard straight in just a few minutes, instead of the painfully long time, it takes to straighten your beard with an iron.

So what is the best beard straightener around? In our opinion, it’s the Aberlite Heat Brush.


Because you can just power it up in about a minute, select from three safe heat settings for beard use, and then brush away for few minutes and the end result will be a perfectly straightened beard.

Sure, all beard heat tools will result in some beard damage over time, but the heat brush is the best beard product in its category to mitigate that effect.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: China
  • Heat Settings: 3 (300-375°F)
  • Anti-Scald Design: Yes
  • Size: 10.2″ x 2.2″ x 1.8″
  • Time to Heat: 60 seconds
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy it?

Any guy who has a curly and wavy beard that is longer than 2-inches, and doesn’t want to straighten his beard using the old-school way of shower + beard oil + comb + blow-drying the beard.


  • Heats up in 60 seconds, gets the job done in 5 minutes.
  • Safer than straightening irons and heat press combs.
  • Clear instructions and very easy to use.


  • Like most beard tools, it’s manufactured in China.
  • Not usable for men with shorter than “2 beards.

Bottom line: Heated beard straighteners are a new type of beard product that is here to stay. The job you once had to do with your wives straightening iron has been made so much easier, thanks to heated beard brushes.

Beard Bib: The Original Beard King Bib

beard bib

In our big review of the beard bibs, we highlighted The Beard King as the one and only real beard product in this category.

Nicholas and Alessia Galekovic are the inventors behind the original beard bib.

They pitched the idea in one episode of the Shark Tank and eventually made a deal.

After this, their beard product has been flying off the shelves, and as to be expected, dozens of knock-off products try to cash in on the hype.

In our eyes, there’s only one real beard trimming apron, and it will forever be the mighty Beard King Bib.

Here’s a video of how cool it is to use:

Who should buy it?

Men who hate trimming mess, and especially their wives who hate their husbands trimming mess on the sink.

At first, you may find that it takes more time to actually set up the bib than it would be to trim the beard without it, but after few uses, you will set up the apron in just a few seconds and be done with it as fast as you would without it.

So we do think that most men would find this beard product to be useful and quite revolutionary even.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: “Overseas”
  • Dimensions: 9.4″ x 7.5″ (lite version)
  • Color: Black or White
  • Reviews: Mostly positive
  • Price: Medium-tier


  • A new innovation that makes beard trimming easier and cleaner.
  • Simple to use and comes with clear instructions.
  • Keeps your wife happy as the trimming mess is gone.


  • Some users say it takes more time to trim with the bib.
  • It’s easy to break the suction cups if you don’t pay attention.

Bottom line: Whatever your initial impressions might be, the beard bib has changed the beard product game for good, creating its very own category that will likely be staying for good.

Beard Template: BeardClass Shaping Tool

beard class beard shaping tool

One of the first brands to enter the market with a beard shaper template was BeardClass.

And we ranked it pretty high in our review of beard shaping tools for a purpose.

This thing just works, and the 1,200+ reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars are proof of that.

So, what type of beard product are we dealing with here?

Well, the beard shaper is a transparent plastic template that you can use to shape and style your beard with.

It provides all the common angles and edges you can use to aid your beard trimming routines, such as the curve cut, straight step-cut, neckline edge, and even an edge for properly aligning the goatee.

You can either use press the template against your cheeks and trim alongside the edges for best results, or get yourself a barbers pen and use the beard shaping templates edge to draw a line to your face.

In either case, a beard shaping tool comes in handy by reducing the overall time it takes to trim your beard and also providing that extra layer of safety so that you don’t botch up the beard edges.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: Likely China
  • Thickness: 0.1 inches
  • Size: 6.9″ x 4.1″
  • Color: Transparent (clear, blue, green)
  • Reviews: Positive and plenty
  • Price: low-tier

Who should buy it?

Anyone who wants detailed beard edges that will look even and perfect every single time, with no mistakes or uneven edges.

If you have been trimming your beard for years and know exactly what you’re doing, then you might not need a beard shaping tool.


  • Thin 1mm edges are easier to work with than most competitors.
  • Comes with beard scissors, mustache comb, and keychain.
  • 8-in-1 tool with all the important beard edges included.
  • Transparent so you know exactly what’s behind it.


  • Most will not find the comb edge too useful.
  • The add-on mustache comb is nothing like the 81T from Kent.
  • Someone with prominent cheekbones might find it hard to use.

Bottom line: Beard shaping templates are useful for making sure that your beard gets evenly shaped and the cheekline and neckline come out perfect. With that being said, they are not the most important beard tools to own, and shouldn’t be your first product to invest in.

Beard Growth Serum: Kirkland 5% Minoxidil

minoxidil beard serum

In our review of the most effective beard growth serums, we make a note that most of them don’t work.

The products are either herbal sprays with really nothing that could ever help grow a beard.

Or they are just a bunch of essential oils in a bottle.

Everyone knows that those things simply cannot grow you a beard from scratch or even help a tiny bit. This is precisely why they never share before-after pictures.

Is there anything that works?

Yes, and that’s Kirkland 5% minoxidil (or any other minoxidil brand for that matter), not sold as beard growth product, but actually marketed towards men to combat hair loss of the scalp.

As a happy side effect, people began noticing that if they applied a bit of the liquid to their beard areas, their facial hair actually grew in response.

This turned into a huge underground thing where tens of thousands of men started doing it, and it has become so popular that even the mainstream media is catching on to this “secret”.

Even more impressive, there’s a study by a group of Thai researchers (opens as .pdf) which proved that Minox was effective and safe for beard enhancement.

graphs from minoxidil beard study

Of course, there are some side effects involved in applying minoxidil to the beard area and experts do not recommend to be used on the face. So before you use it, make sure to consult your doctor.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Size: 2 oz. (60ml)
  • Natural Ingredients: No
  • Prescription-Free: Yes
  • Clinically Proven: Yes
  • Time for Full Effects: 6-12 Months
  • User Feedback: Mostly Positive
  • Price: Low-tier

Who should consider it?

Anyone who is tired of the empty claims made by the beard growth supplement and serum industry.

If you have a patchy beard and want to finally fill it up, then there’s likely nothing quite as effective as minoxidil.


  • Proven effective by tens of thousands of men.
  • The only beard growth serum with a study backing it up.
  • 60,000+ men use it (see Minox Beard Spot on FB).


  • There are known side effects, albeit most are mild.
  • Not formulated for facial hair use but instead for scalp-hair loss.
  • Takes usually 6-9 months to see big growth improvements.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a best beard growth product on this planet, then there’s quite nothing like minoxidil, nothing that comes even near.

Beard Supplement: Thorne 2 / Day Multi

thorne basic nutrients multivitamin

The most effective beard supplement you can get is a multivitamin.

Just a basic one, not the “beard vitamins

Your facial hair will use vitamins and minerals for its natural growth and health in a way or another.

Either they work directly to help with collagen production, sebum oil production, or keratin production.

Or the vitamins and minerals help your body to produce the hormones that are associated with beard growth (testosterone and DHT primarily).

If you can’t eat enough beard growth-promoting nutrient-dense foods, you will inevitably be deficient in some of the key micronutrients.

And this is why a good multivitamin is one of the best beard supplements you can get.


Why not Beardilizer, Vitabeard, or Beard Grow XL?

Sure those are sold specifically as beard vitamins, but their formulations have nothing in them that would specifically help with facial hair when compared to a regular multivitamin.

They are also pretty expensive and tend to provide lower-quality ingredients than high-quality regular multivitamins do.

Because of that, we chose the Thorne 2 / Day Multivitamin over them.

It’s simply the best quality and most comprehensive beard growth vitamin and mineral combination available, and this makes it the number #1 beard supplement as well.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Size: 60 Capsules
  • Vitamins: 12
  • Minerals: 10
  • Bioactive Ingredients: Yes
  • Quality: Highest available
  • User Feedback: Positive (4.5 stars)
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy it?

We recommend that anyone who has a beard and doesn’t eat a nutrient-dense diet to invest in a multivitamin.

Not only will it help your beard to grow healthier and stronger, but it will also help your body in numerous other ways.


  • Helps fill gaps in your nutrition and improves beard health.
  • May aid beard growth rate a bit if your diet is poor.
  • Likely helps you in many other ways than promoting beard health


  • Completely unnecessary if your diet is on good grounds.
  • May get expensive if you use beard supplements daily.

Bottom line: Beard supplements may be a good product to look into, but of course, if you already eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, it’s likely that you don’t need beard vitamins or any supplements whatsoever.

Beard Apparel: Bear’d Bear T-Shirt

cool beard t shirt

We have made a list of coolest beard-related clothes earlier.

One of the beard clothes listed was the Bear’d T-shirt. Yes. That beast on the picture.

Looks kinda cool, doesn’t he (it?).

While it’s not technically a beard product like oils or balms or whatever, we think a cool shirt like this should definitely crack the list of the best beard products.

Don’t you?

I mean at least this shirt looks great and stylish, unlike those tacky slogan shirts with a toxic text like “There’s a name for men without beards; Women“.

Yikes. Wouldn’t you rather wear something like this cool beard bear shirt?

Soon everyone who sees you rocking it and then realizes you actually have a bushy beard yourself will be like; “dang, that’s kinda funny!”

Or maybe I’m just too enthusiastic about this shirt, after all, I’m wearing one right now as I typing this massive beard product resource that starts to exceed 5,000 words already.

Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: Likely China
  • Size: Small to 6XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • User Feedback: Positive (4.5 stars)
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy it?

Anyone who loves beard-related apparel, but doesn’t want to get one of those dorky citation T-shirts.


  • Cool looking and comfortable T-shirt.
  • Subtle, non-idiotic design, rare for beard clothing to be honest.


  • Not really a classic beard product, still cool though.
  • Looks really weird if you don’t have a beard.

Bottom line: facial hair-related apparel are beard products just as well as beard oils are, and hey, they’re a cool ice breaker as well.

Beard Dye: Just for Men Brush-in Colors

just for men beard dye

There are many different beard dyes and colors available.

The most popular, easiest to use, and effective, are the Just for Men beard dyes.

They come in almost all the main colors you would ever want to dye your beard.

And the brush-in application is simple and quick.

We mention Just for Men several times in our beard dye review.

While they aren’t the most natural dyes available, their effectiveness and ease of use are just too good to pass on.


Details and Key Specs:

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Color: Blonde to Jet Black
  • Application Type: Brush-in
  • Natural Ingredients: No
  • Color Fades: 6-Weeks
  • Application Time: 5-minutes
  • User Feedback: Mixed (4.0 stars)
  • Price: Medium-tier

Who should buy them?

Anyone who is looking to dye their facial hair, and wants it to look good and natural from the first time.

The Just for Men beard dyes are synthetically made and can cause an allergic reaction to some men, which is why you should probably not buy this product if you are prone to skin and allergy issues.

(there are natural and even organic alternatives available).


  • Takes just about 5 minutes to apply with the brush applicator.
  • Much easier than dyeing your hair, the results look natural.


  • Synthetic ingredients are known to cause allergic reactions.
  • Constantly coloring the beard will eventually damage it.

Bottom line: Beard dyes are an interesting product, not the first one I’d get but hey, there’s a lot of people who clearly use them, so all the power to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What beard products do I need?

The most important beard products are oil, shampoo, balm, brush, comb, and scissors.

There are many others as well, but those are the most important tools most bearded man should get first.

How often should I use beard products?

This varies between different products, but as a rule of thumb: beard oil can be used daily, beard balm can be used daily, beard shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times per week, and brush and comb can also be used every day.

The rest of the products can be used whenever needed.

Where to buy beard products?

Most beard products can be found from Amazon or from the manufacturers own websites. You may also find some products from your local shops and barbers.

Beard oil or balm, which is better?

They are both good but beard oil may be more useful as a daily moisturizer and softener than a balm and should be the first beard product to get.

Should I get a beard brush or beard comb?

Beard brush certainly has more uses than a beard comb, and we recommend that you get a brush before you invest in a comb, unless you’re growing out a really long beard.

Is beard wash necessary?

Many regular shampoos are so powerful that they strip all the natural sebum oils from the skin. Your beard’s health relies on the natural oils, which is why a beard shampoo or soap is a better option than normal shampoo. It’s not absolutely necessary but recommended.

When should I apply beard oil?

Beard oil is used to restore the moisturizing oils to the skin underneath your beard after a shower. This is why you should use beard oil right after you hop out of the shower to replenish the natural oils lost and also to seal in some of the moisture.

Should I wash my beard daily?

No. Consider washing the facial hair 2-3 times per week at maximum to preserve the natural sebum oils which are needed for healthy growth.


This concludes our review of the best beard products of 2023.

If you made it this far, I would like you to leave a comment about what is your favorite beard tool, and maybe even share the article if you feel like it.

The review took me 3 days to write and research, and I wholeheartedly hope that it gave you some great value and expert buying tips for your next beard product purchase.

Thank you!

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