The BeardStache can be best described as a facial hair style that combines a stubble and a mustache.

More specifically, the BeardStache is a combination of a strong mustache style – like the Walrus mustache, Chevron, or Horseshoe – and a heavy stubble of 4-5mm in length covering the rest of the face.

This type of “stubble + mustache beard” is one of the hottest facial hair trends in 2020, thanks to the exposure from many prominent models and YouTube personalities rocking the style.

Growing the BeardStache doesn’t require too much patience, as the stubble can be achieved in roughly 10 days, whereas the mustache area grows in 1-2 months.

After that, it’s just trimming and maintaining the look for as long as you please.

So that’s for what is the Beard Stache, but what about how to grow one, trimming it, pros and cons, and some popular people wearing it?

Continue reading below to find out. ↓

Pros and Cons of the BeardStache

the stubble and mustache beard style

The Stubble + Stache look is perfect for men who have prominent upper lips and thick mustache growth.

It also shows your jaw, chin, and cheeks, so if you have a prominent strong bone structure there, you can use the BeardStache to show that you can rock a beard without having to hide your jawline.

Yet another benefit of this facial hair type is that it can be pulled off by men who have patchy beard growth on their cheek area (common problem).

Since you will be trimming down the cheeks to a heavy-stubble, the patchiness is far less noticeable, and the attention is focused on the mustache area instead.

On the negative side, a BeardStache definitely doesn’t suit all men.

If your upper lip area is narrow, or your mustache growth, in general, is thin and weak, then pulling off a style like this which adds emphasis to the area is a bad idea.

For men with weaker jawlines, some extra face fat, or round-ish lower parts of the face, the BeardStache will highlight the weaker areas of your face and isn’t recommended.

What Face Shapes Best Fit the Style

face shapes illustration

As explained in our beard shaping guide; every beard type has its perfect face shape match, and some close acceptable matches, and of course the shapes that don’t match it at all.

When it comes to the face shape that fits a BeardStache, you will want to have a strong jawline and a large or medium upper lip area.

Best matches:

  • Square face shape
  • Triangle face shape

Acceptable matches:

  • Oval face shape
  • Diamond face shape

Poor matches:

  • Round face shape
  • Heart face shape

Remember that the idea of the BeardStache is to add emphasis to a strong jawline that would otherwise be hidden by the full beard.

If you have a short or round jaw which is typical to men with heart and round faces, a better fit would be a style that features longer hairs on the cheeks and sideburns instead – such as the classic full beard look.

How to Grow and Trim the BeardStache

example of beardstache style

Growing a BeardStache is ridiculously simple and straight-forward.

All you really have to do is to trim the cheeks, chin, and sideburns area to a heavy-stubble of roughly 4-5mm in length while letting your mustache grow longer and bushier on the top lip.

The best tools for this job would be a good stubble trimmer with some beard and mustache scissors to clean up the wild hairs on your mustache.

If you want to add a bit extra oomph to the style, you could also get a tin of mustache wax as well.

How long does it take to grow a BeardStache?

Since facial hair grows at the pace of 1/2 inch per month, it will take around 1-2 months to reach good beardstache status, and this is because you will need some length and fullness to the mustache area to pull it off.

How to trim a beardstache:

  • Wait for 1-2 months before touching your beard.
  • Trim everything but the mustache to 4-5mm length.
  • Let the mustache grow bushy and big, snip off fly-away hairs.
  • Walrus, Chevron, or Horseshoe mustaches best fit the style.

Video tutorial by Scott Barnes:

Celebrities Wearing the BeardStache

The BeardStache style has been worn often by the models Chris Millington and Jeff Buoncristiano.

The actors Henry Cavill and Jamie Dornan also sporadically sport this type of beard.

And of course, the founder of Beard Brand, Eric Bandholz – who has been rocking this style for quite some time now (and he can certainly pull it off well).

Below are some great examples of BeardStaches:


The BeardStache or stubble and stache style is one of the biggest men’s grooming trends in 2020.

And we have to admit, it looks really great if you have the right face shape to pull it off, and thick enough mustache growth.

What do you think about the BeardStache? Let us know in the comments below.

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