man with a beard in christmas spirits holding a stack of gifts

Buying Christmas or Birthday gifts to a man can be tricky no matter the occasion.

(maybe you’re looking for a Father’s day gift for, who knows.)

If the guy has a beard however, you can be certain that some beard care items & products and other facial hair-related gifts are going to be put to good use.

Below you’ll find the top 10 gift ideas for bearded men, be it Christmas, birthday, or maybe its an anniversary, and your significant other has a beard?

Well, that just made your present shopping a whole lot easier.

The Best Beard Related Gifts of 2023

1. Maison Lambert’s Beard Kit

maison lambert beard kit

The Maison Lambert Beard care gift set is quite possibly the perfect combo of products you can give as a present to the bearded man among your friends and family.

Sure, it’s not the only beard kit there is, in fact, there are probably close to a hundred of them being sold online, but this one originally caught my eye by standing out of the pack.

First of all, it looks amazing, whether you choose the kit with the PU leather bag, or the setup with a cigar box instead.

And secondly, the scent, which is quite possibly the best I’ve ever come across in beard products (and trust me, I’ve gone through a few).

And then thirdly – and most importantly – the ingredients.

Everything used in this kit is 100% organic and of such types of fatty acids that should not harm the crucial beard growth hormones.

The oils are non-comedogenic, which means that they are light and quick to absorb without clogging the pores; perfect for that dry skin under the beard.

The contents of the kit include…

  • organic beard oil
  • organic beard balm
  • organic beard wash
  • high-quality sandalwood beard comb
  • Either a wooden cigar box or PU leather bag.
  • On top of this, each kit includes a complimentary body soap bar.

2. Beard Scale Men’s T-shirt and Hoodie

beard scale mens t shirt

Beard clothing is always a hit among men with facial hair and these funny beard scale T-shirt and hoodie are no exceptions.

Wrap them in your best beard gift papers and put under the Christmas tree to wait for your bearded special someone, friend, or relative. And they are guaranteed to have a jolly laugh when they see what’s inside.

The scale goes up all the way from a neck covering “manly” beard into a “godly” beard status that is a majestic beard covering the stomach.

These beard scale clothes are available as T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies, with varying colors, and you can check them out at Amazon.Com.

3. Big Forest Beard Care Gift Box

big forest beard care gift box

Another really cool beard gift set comes from a New York Brand called OneDTQ, in the form of their Big Forest 100% Natural Beard Care Gift Box.

As someone who spends their days vetting through the ingredient lists of beard care products, looking for those rare times when someone actually manages to pull together a healthy list of beard nourishing compounds, I can say that OneDTQ has come really close to hitting a home run with this beard care gift set.

(There’s a small amount of hemp oil in the shampoo, which isn’t my highest recommendation since it’s so high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, but it’s a miniscule detail to worry about anyway.)

Right of the bat I can say that ingredient-wise, they are the cream of the crop, with the contents outdoing about 99% of the competitors.

The next important thing is obviously the scent, which is – in my humble opinion – great. Woodsy and masculine, just like most men like their beard products to be.

The kit includes…

  • high-quality 100% natural beard shampoo
  • some beard oil
  • a boar bristle beard brush
  • 2oz. tin of the best beard balm currently available

4. Funny Beard Mug

funny beard mug gift idea

We are all beardiful inside, at least if you believe this funny beard mug that is.

A nice cup of Joe is one of the best foods for beard growth there is (yes, there’s science backing up the fact that coffee may increase the androgenic hormones that result in beard growth).

And what better way would there be to enjoy it other than from this “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beardiful” mug, gifted to your bearded dude by their special someone, friend, or a family member (that’s you!).

5. Bear’d T-Shirt

bear beard funny t shirt

I’m tired of seeing the usual corny beard text shirts on big online retailers.

It seems that 90% of the beard clothing is just ridiculous one-uppers like:

“If your dad doesn’t have a beard then you have two moms”… printed on the front.

Seriously, who wants a beard-related gift like that?

You’re much better off with something cool and stylish.

Like this insanely chill bear, with a full beard, wearing sunglasses and a trucker cap T-shirt.

That’s a man shirt, without any douchebag slogans attached.

A+ from us. Heck, we at Beard Resource hope to find this shirt in our own facial hair-related Christmas presents as well.

6. Aberlite Beard Shaping Template

aberlite beard shaping template

In our ultimate guide to best beard shaper templates, it was easy to choose the Aberlite Beard Shaping Tool as the winner.

It was just a couple of years ago when beard shapers like this suddenly appeared for sale, and they have evolved quite a bit during these past two or so years.

Currently, the Aberlite Shaper is our favorite and the clear leader of the pack.

If you’re looking for beard gifts for him (and this him also trims his beard a lot) this is the thing to get. It saves countless hours from your trimming time and most importantly – it saves – countless of beards from botched up line up work.

Even though the shaper might look bit complicated to use, just know that it has four different cut edges for the cheek and necklines, with a clear guide inside the package on how to use it to shape your perfect beard at home.

7. Seven Potions Boar Bristle Beard Brush

seven potions boar bristle brush

Every beardsman knows the importance of a nice boar bristle beard brush in a healthy facial hair care routine.

It exfoliates the skin underneath the facial hair and helps to eliminate beardruff, all while stimulating the natural production of the beard nourishing sebum oils, and stimulating the circulation of the follicles.

After testing dozens of products for our earlier review, we found the Seven Potions First-Cut Beard Brush to be one of the best ones out there, with some really good value in terms of pricing.

It also looks really good and should last almost a lifetime (with proper use), making it perfectly suited for a gift to a bearded man.

8. Braun MGK3980 Beard Trimmer Kit

braun beard trimmer gift set

Thinking of gifting a beard trimmer to the bearded person in your life?

Good idea. After all, most guys are grinding away their whiskers with some rusty old hair clippers.

It’s time to upgrade to a proper beard trimmer. And by proper we mean the Braun MGK3980 Multi-Grooming Kit.

I could bore you with the details of every little piece that comes with this puzzle, so just know that it has everything you could ever need for a beard trim, shave, stubble, nose trim, and even an ear trim. For detailed specs, click the link above.

Take a look at this video from Braun on YouTube, showcasing the trimmer:

9. Suvorna Beard & Mustache Scissor Gift Set

suvorna beard scissor pack

In our ultimate guide to the best beard and mustache scissors, we came across this gem of a product called the Suvorna Beard Scissor Kit.

It includes your choice of either black or tanned casing that holds in 5.5″ Japanese stainless steel beard scissors, two smaller scissors for eyebrows, nose, and ear hairs, and (the other pair is curved, while the other has rounded tips). Also included are some slanted tip tweezers.

All-in-all, this makes a really nice gift set for a bearded man.

Do note that although the larger beard scissors can be used by both righties and lefties, the finger rest is placed for righties and its position cannot be changed.

10. The Beard King Trimming Bib

If you’re a woman reading this article and have a man in your house who trims his beard, you are more than likely to hate the fact that there are beard clippings all over the bathroom sink and floors.

I know how it feels to be that man who leaves beard trimmings behind him. It hurts our loved ones – badly – but it’s so hard to get all of them cleaned up.

With The Beard King’s Beard Bib, this problem can be eliminated. They have pioneered an insanely useful trimming aid that can be suction-cupped to a wall or bathroom mirror, making a little pouch that all of your beard trimmings can nicely fall into.

(You may have seen this beard bib in the Shark Tank, and yes, they did get the deal).


Thank you for reading through the list of best Christmas beard gift ideas for men with facial hair.

We hope some of these 10 items make it to your list of novelty beard gifts, and your bearded fellow enjoys using them.

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