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How to Stop Beard Itch: 5 Proven Steps that Work (Guaranteed)

man shaving with razor bumps
There's one thing almost all first-time beard growers experience at some point in their journey, and that is the dreaded beard itch. At first, everything goes smoothly and you're speeding towards the goal of having a full super soft beard. Then all of a sudden, you catch yourself thinking; "my beard itches, do I have to start shaving this...

20 Best Hockey Playoff Beards Ever Seen in the NHL

hockey player with a stanley cup beard
It's a tradition in NHL to grow facial hair during the playoffs. Which has led to the occurrence of magnificent hockey playoff beards. Nobody really seems to know why the players feel like growing facial hair during the cup-rally, but one thing is certain... ...As masculine sport as hockey is, beards fit it perfectly. Just take a look at these twenty legendary...

Testosterone & Beard: Activates Growth (+12 Ways to Boost it)

bearded man running on a treadmill
Testosterone (T) and its more potent down-stream metabolite called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are two of the main male hormones that trigger beard growth. Higher levels of testosterone and DHT are your two best buddies when it comes to ways to grow a beard faster naturally. Here’s how facial hair growth takes place and 12 ways to increase the hormones involved. ↓ How Testosterone and...

10 Proven Ways to Fix Patchy Beard Fast & Easy (Guaranteed)

keanu reeves patchy beard
Most men are able to grow a bit of facial hair, but can't quite pull off the full beard because the cheeks grow in patchy and don't look too good. This is a common problem, but luckily, it can be remedied with the ten ways to fix a patchy beard I'm about to share below. Some of the methods stimulate new...

Does Shaving More Make Your Beard Thicker? (Explained)

shaving cream and shaving items on a table with a towel
One of the most pervasive shaving myths of the beard-growing field is that using a razor every day would stimulate beard to grow back thicker, darker, and faster. Ask almost anyone about how to get a beard fast, and you'll get an answer like this: "The more you shave the more it grows..." Even though there's some logic behind that,...

Beardilizer Review: Does this Popular Beard Booster Deliver?

beardilizer bottles outside on a table
Beardilizer is one of the most popular beard growth vitamins ever sold and also the most heavily marketed supplement for the purpose of aiding beard growth. Because of this, the internet is full of Beardilizer reviews, and most of them are absolutely praising the stuff as the next best thing since sliced bread... But the thing is that you can't really...

Vitabeard Review: The Facts vs. Fiction of this Popular Supplement

vitabeard bottle on a table
This is the no-bs and honest Vitabeard review. Chances are that if you've ever wondered about what vitamins can grow a beard, you've stumbled upon advertisements and reviews about this beard growth product. In this article we are looking at the Vitabeard ingredients, as well as figuring out does Vitabeard actually work? In other words, will you grow a better beard...

Beard Powder: What it Was and Where Did the Hype Go?

beard powder in a bowl
Beard Powder, or what it really is; the simple food-grade diatomaceous earth - is getting to become quite a topic around the beard scene. A certain unmentioned YouTuber absolutely praises this stuff and claims its the direct building material of the hair roots popping out of the follicles. While others say that even though diatomaceous earth can slightly benefit beard growth...

6 Must-Know Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Beard (Research-Backed)

various coconut and coconut oil products on a table
Coconut oil has become quite popular in recent years, some even calling it a superfood, but what about using coconut oil for beard growth and care? Yes, that's right, not only can you get numerous scientifically proven benefits from eating coconut oil and other coconut products, but you can also use coconut oil for beard health. Research has shown that coconut...

14 Best Foods to Skyrocket Beard Growth (Research-Backed)

meat on a cutting board
The truth is that there are many foods that promote beard growth. Some through impacting your hormone levels, others by providing vital beard nutrients to the follicles. Since facial hair growth is almost completely regulated by male hormones (testosterone and DHT), eating foods that increase the levels of these two hormones and increase the bodily utilization of these androgens, is one...

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