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Charlie Hunnam plays the role of Jax Teller in the hit series Sons of Anarchy.

His short, patchy, pointy beard style has became iconic during the series, with thousands of guys looking for “how to grow a beard like Jax Teller” every month (according to search analytics).

While you may not be able to pull of his natural charisma and good looks, it will undoubtedly be easy to grow and copy his beard style.

Then you will just need the leather jacket, a motorcycle, a crew of bad-ass friends, clubhouse, and so on, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Jax Teller beard style:

What is the Beard Style of Jax Teller Called

charlie hunnam beard
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Charlie Hunnam’s beard style is called a short Ducktail beard. It features short sides with a pointy chin that resembles a duck’s tail.

The mustache is full and connects with the rest of the beard, and the sides are intentionally kept short. All the edges and shapes around the jawline will be kept angular and sharp.

What length is Charlie Hunnam’s Beard?

While the Ducktail beards are typically long beard styles, Charlie Hunnam keeps his beard quite short at just 1 inch length. The short length and short sides help distinguish Hunnam’s patchy beard growth at the cheeks.

What Face Shape Does Charlie Hunnam Have

charlie hunnam square face shape
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Charlie Hunnam has a square shaped face, which is known for its short vertical height and equal or close to equal widths at the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.

Square face shape also has a defined jawline, with a sharp angle at the connection point close to the masseter muscles.

This face shape nicely matches with his beard style, as the short Ducktail gives Hunnam’s face some height, but doesn’t hide his jawline too much.

Charlie Hunnam No Beard vs. Beard

charlie hunnam beard vs no beard
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Charlie Hunnam Beard Styles & Examples

The Ducktail Beard

charlie hunnam ducktail beard
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Here’s Charlie Hunnam in a Ducktail beard that is quite a bit longer than what is typically seen on him in Sons of Anarchy.

You can see just how patchy and scraggly it is on the sides, but somehow Hunnam is able to pull it off, even with formal clothing.

The Hollywoodian

jax teller hollywoodian beard style

On few occasions Hunnam’s character; Jax Teller sported a beard style with full goatee and an extended jawline growth – without the pointy chin part.

When the beard is shaped like this, it’s no longer a Ducktail shape but a Hollywoodian beard style instead.

The Classic Goatee

charlie hunnam with goatee
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In more recent times, Hunnam has been spotted with a clean and groomed goatee beard, along with a more formal looking clothing and haircut.

It suits him as nicely as one could expect, but the “rebel look” is certainly gone.

Heavy Stubble

jax teller heavy stubble
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Occasionally Charlie Hunnam can be seen with a heavy stubble beard, which is equal to about 10 days of beard growth from a clean-shaven starting point.

It’s an attractive style (according to research actually the most attractive beard style there is) and with the short Caesar cut hair, the combo is just plain amazing.

How to Get a Beard Like Charlie Hunnam

jax teller beard style
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You will obviously need a decent amount of coverage to be able to pull off the Jax Teller beard, but mostly around the chin, lower jaw, and mustache area.

Since the cheeks and sides are kept short, it doesn’t matter if you have weaker growth in those areas.

If you have the beard density taken care off, then all you need to do is to grow your beard out for two to three months to reach the needed length of 1″ (you may need a bit more than that to properly shape out the pointy chin).

Once you have grown your beard for long enough, here’s how to trim and shape a beard like Charlie Hunnam:

  1. Use a beard trimmer without a guard comb to carve out a rough Ducktail shape.
  2. Switch to beard scissors and carefully clean up the rough edges.
  3. Take the beard trimmer again and put a 1/4″ guard comb on it to trim the sides.
  4. Shave the beards neckline (1″ above the Adam’s apple) and cheek line.
  5. Finish off by neatly trimming the mustache with scissors.

If you’re unsure about shaping the Jax Teller beard yourself, you can always go to a professional barber for a trim. A qualified barber can easily shape you a beard like this, and even give you some extra tips about how to do it yourself later on.

How to Maintain Beard Like Charlie Hunnam

the short beard style of charlie hunnam
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Charlie Hunnam has a scraggly beard. It’s not too carefully maintained, maybe just about once every month or so.

So if you want to maintain a beard like him – especially the kind he is known for as Jax Teller – then consider letting your beard naturally grow out a bit after shaping it into a Ducktail shape.

How to maintain a Charlie Hunnam beard:

  • Once every month re-shape the pointy ducktail chin and clean up the edges.
  • Use beard oil on a daily basis to keep the beard dandruff and itch-free.
  • If your beard doesn’t keep the Ducktail shape, consider getting some beard wax.
  • Don’t maintain your beard too much, the Jax Teller beard is a careless rebel style.


Growing a beard like Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) isn’t that difficult, considering that he has patchy growth on the cheeks and most of the beard is around the chin and mustache area.

With the length of the beard being only 1″, it won’t take that long either, roughly two months or so (if we go by the average beard’s growth rate of ½ inch per month).

What will be hard though, is copying the rebel looks and charisma of Hunnam’s character.

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