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Everyone knows Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo from the Game of Thrones and of course; as Aquaman in the Marvel Universe.

One of the most recognizable features the actor has, is his long and scraggly beard, which when combined with his long hair, look pretty awesome – and something many guys are desperate to mimic.

The question is: How do you grow a beard like Jason Momoa? And should you even?

That’s what this article seeks to answer. We will take a close look at what exactly is the beard style that Momoa sports, how long does it take to grow, and more.

So get ready to learn everything there is to know about the facial hair of Jason Momoa:

What is Jason Momoa’s Beard Style Called

patchy ducktail beard jason momoa
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Jason Momoa’s beard style is called the Ducktail beard, which is a full face beard style with a pointy chin that resembles a duck’s tail.

His beard length is typically around four inches. The growth on the cheeks is patchy, but since Momoa has long hair, it doesn’t look that bad.

What makes Jason Momoa’s beard stand out is the fact that it’s an unruly scraggly beard. Nine out of ten times a beard this unkempt wouldn’t look good, but somehow Momoa’s style and rugged looks just makes it work.

What Face Shape Does Jason Momoa Have

jason momoa diamond shaped face
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Jason Momoa has a diamond shaped face.

What makes up a diamond shaped face are wide cheekbones, narrow jawline, and narrow forehead. Usually the chin is pointy and the jawline slopes down.

If you’d paint straight lines extending from the chin to the cheekbones and then into the forehead on both sides, you’d get an outline of a diamond shape, as shown in the picture above.

Beard styles that typically go well with the diamond face shape include various kinds of long beard styles that add width and size to the jawline (Ducktail, Garibaldi, Verdi, classic full beard) along with all the main stubble types (light stubble, medium stubble, heavy stubble).

And no, it’s likely not a coincidence that Jason Momoa has decided to grow a Ducktail beard for his diamond shaped face…

Almost all of the popular actors we know and love have their own hair and beard style assistants who’s work is to make sure that the actors always have their looks perfectly balanced from the clothes to the beard, hair, glasses, and so on.

Best Beard Styles of Jason Momoa

Classic Ducktail Beard with Long Hair

jason momoa long hair and beard
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This is a prime example of the classic Jason Momoa look, it’s the haircut and beard style that he most commonly sports and is most well-known for.

Shorter Ducktail Beard with Medium-Length Hair

jason momoa medium length hair short beard
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When Jason Momoa rocks a shorter haircut, you can see just how patchy the growth on his cheeks really is. Rocking a beard like this would be a bad idea for majority of men, but even with the scraggly look, Momoa somehow makes it work.

Big Goatee with Patchy Cheeks

goatee jason momoa
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When Momoa grows his beard out but doesn’t shape the chin into a point, then the beard style turns into a big goatee with patchy cheeks.

Short Pointed Beard with a Crazy Hat

jason momoa hat and beard
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Here’s Jason Momoa with a beard style that looks a lot like a goatee, but since the chin is bit longer and shaped into a point, the style is actually called a short Ducktail beard.

Five O’Clock Shadow with Long Hair

jason momoa five o clock shadow
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A rare sight: Jason Momoa with a five o’clock shadow (light stubble). It looks good on him for sure, but that’s not a surprise as light stubble beard is one of the most attractive beard styles according to research.

French Fork Beard Style

jason momoa scraggly french fork beard
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When the Ducktail beard is not maintained as often as it should, it will start to divide into two parts from the middle, and slowly turns into a French Fork beard style. That’s exactly what’s starting to happen in the example above.

Short Boxed Beard with Long Hair

jason momoa short boxed beard
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It’s rare to see Jason Momoa with a somewhat formal beard style, but in this example, he truly does sport a short boxed beard, aka the corporate beard style, which features an even length of ½ inch and meticulously groomed beard neckline and cheeks.

Jason Momoa No Beard vs. Beard

jason momoa beard vs no beard
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Ever since his big breakthrough role in the Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa has been seen with his trusted Ducktail beard.

Until recently when he suddenly showed up on Youtube with a video where he drove into the middle of desert, shaved off his beard, and discussed the use of single use plastics and why aluminum cans are a much better choice.

Here you can see the video and exactly what Jason Momoa looks like with a clean-shaven face:

How to Get Jason Momoa’s Beard

jason momoa patchy ducktail beard
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To grow a beard similar to Jason Momoa, you need to be patient, as it takes upwards of eight months of beard growing to reach the desired length of four inches.

You need to have a decent amount of growth covering your face if you want to be able pull off a beard like Jason Momoa, especially the chin area should be quite full.

The cheeks on the other hand can be a bit patchy, just as Momoa has them, and it’s an added bonus if you can rock a hairstyle as long as his (long hair matches well with a longer beard as explained in this article).

Here’s how to trim and shape your beard like Jason Momoa:

  1. Take a beard trimmer without any guard-comb attached to it and carve out a rough Ducktail shape with it around the beards jawline and chin area.
  2. Attach a 1/4″ guard comb to your beard trimmer and trim the sides down with it from the top part of the ear to the lowest part.
  3. Next take out the beard scissors and try to clean up the rough edges you already shaped around your beards chin and jawline. Try to make the chin look like a pointy “Ducktail”.
  4. The neckline and cheeks should be left close to what they look naturally – as the Jason Momoa beard style is an unkempt one. If you want, you may slightly clean up the neck.
  5. Using the beard scissors, clean up the mustache by snipping away all the rogue hairs and the hairs that overlap into your mouth.

NOTE: A clean Ducktail beard is a professional beard style that is really hard to trim and shape yourself, which is why I recommend you to get it shaped by a barber for the first time. Shaping a patchy unkempt Ducktail beard like Jason Momoa’s though, is a bit easier as it leaves more room for error, but still, getting it shaped is a better option.

How to Maintain Beard Like Jason Momoa

happy jason momoa
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To maintain a long unruly beard similar to Jason Momoa’s, you don’t need to do much, because the style is unkempt by design.

Some occasional trimming is enough, so try to reshape your beard with a beard trimmer at least once a month.

  • If you want to moisturize your beard and keep it beardruff and itch-free, then using 8-12 drops of beard oil per day would be a good idea.
  • For beards that get curly, growing a longer beard style like the Jason Momoa Ducktail is a challenge, and maintaining it takes some extra time.
  • If you’re one of the unfortunate curly bearded guys, then you definitely need to get a beard straightener and some beard wax to maintain the shape of the beard.

But that’s about it, you don’t need to go crazy with all sorts of beard products. The Khal Drogo beard is a style that is deliberately pretty relaxed and doesn’t call for any unnecessary trimming or styling.


You may not be able to copy the looks and charisma of Jason Momoa, but if you can grow some facial hair, then it’s not difficult at all to mimic his beard style.

After all, it’s just a basic Ducktail type pointed beard with patchy cheeks; something that most guys who have decent beard growth genetics should be able to pull off.

However, do keep in mind that Momoa has a quite long beard. It will take upwards of eight months to have a beard of that length!

So if you were thinking of going as Khal Drogo or Aquaman for the Halloween, you will need to start growing your beard in March!

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