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Yes, I know, every beard grows at a different speed and with varying degrees of coverage.

So to answer the question of how often should you trim a beard, there really is no one size fits all type of answer.

However, some rough guidelines for optimal beard trimming frequency do exist for different types of beards.

For a stubble beard it’s an average of once every 3-5 days, for short beards it’s once per 2-3 weeks, and for longer beards it’s roughly once per 6-8 weeks.

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

How Often Should You Trim a Stubble Beard

man trimming a stubble beard

The optimal stubble trimming frequency depends on what kind of stubble style you’re looking for.

If your goal is to maintain a short stubble, also known as 5 o’clock shadow or 0.4mm beard, then you should be trimming once every one to two days preferably with a dedicated stubble trimmer or a beard trimmer that has no guard comb on.

For a medium stubble, also known as the designer stubble, aim for a trimming frequency of once every two to four days, using a 1mm length setting or guard comb.

For a heavy stubble, also known as the 10-day beard, aim for a trimming frequency of six to eight days, using a length setting of 3mm (1/8th of an inch).

When trimming a stubble, the only tools you need are a good stubble trimmer or beard timmer, and a razor (if you decide to shave the neckline and upper cheeks).

How Often Do You Need to Trim a Short Beard

trimming a short beard

Short beards typically range from 1-2″ in length and need to be trimmed once every two to three weeks.

There’s a little bit of lee way on the optimal trimming frequency when it comes to a shorter beard, as there are so many different styles to go for and they all require varying lengths at certain parts of the face.

However, when talking about a neat and well styled regular full face short beard, then sticking to that once every 2-3 weeks grooming frequency works well.

To get the job done, we recommend you get yourself a good beard trimmer  and a pair of great beard scissors. For some extra help, you might want to take a look at our list of best beard shaping templates as well.

How Often Should You Be Trimming a Long Beard

man combing a year long beard

For longer beards of 4″+ length, you’re looking at an average trimming frequency of once per 6-8 weeks.

Once again it really depends on your style and how neat you want your beard to look.

If you’re going for a slightly unkempt and rougher look, then you could even go longer than the six to eight week recommendation without trimming and be just fine.

But if you’re growing out a long beard and want it to stay neat and well-groomed, then 6-8 weeks is the perfect trimming frequency that prevents the dreaded scraggly beard look.

Optimal Beard Trimming Frequency Table

Beard TypeBeard LengthHow Often to Trim
Short Stubble 0.4mm Once per 1-2 Days
Medium Stubble 1-3mm Once per 2-4 Days
Heavy Stubble 4-5mm Once per 6-8 Days
Short Beard 1-2" (2.5-5cm) Once per 2-3 Weeks
Long Beard 4"+ (10cm+) Once per 6-8 Weeks


So there you have it. Optimal beard trimming frequencies for every major beard length.

Do keep in mind that these are only rough guidelines. Every beard grows with different speeds and shapes, and no one-size-fits-all answer exists.

Using some common sense and monitoring your beard from different angles will typically be the best determiner as to how often you really should be trimming your beard.

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