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7 Best Beard Growth Serums & Sprays of 2020 (Detailed Review)

man showing a bottle of beard growth serum
According to a study done in New York, 77% of the beardless men in the Big Apple would like to grow a beard, but they can't. So let me ask you this... What do you think happens when a guy who is looking to enhance his beard growth, lays awake at night and Googles stuff on his phone? Of course,...

Beard Grow XL: Ingredients & Claims Reviewed (Does it Work?)

man with bushy beard looking down
Sometimes when I look at these so-called "beard growth boosters supplements" or "beard growth sprays" that are sold online, I can barely believe what I'm seeing. People are being scammed and ripped off left and right. And no one seems to be exposing the "hustlers" creating these beard growth products (which most of them simply do not work). One of the...

Beardilizer Review: Does this Popular Beard Booster Deliver?

beardilizer bottles outside on a table
Beardilizer is one of the most popular beard growth vitamins ever sold and also the most heavily marketed supplement for the purpose of aiding beard growth. Because of this, the internet is full of Beardilizer reviews, and most of them are absolutely praising the stuff as the next best thing since sliced bread... But the thing is that you can't really...

Vitabeard Review: The Facts vs. Fiction of this Popular Supplement

vitabeard bottle on a table
This is the no-bs and honest Vitabeard review. Chances are that if you've ever wondered about what vitamins can grow a beard, you've stumbled upon advertisements and reviews about this beard growth product. In this article we are looking at the Vitabeard ingredients, as well as figuring out does Vitabeard actually work? In other words, will you grow a better beard...

Beard Powder: What it Was and Where Did the Hype Go?

beard powder in a bowl
Beard Powder, or what it really is; the simple food-grade diatomaceous earth - is getting to become quite a topic around the beard scene. A certain unmentioned YouTuber absolutely praises this stuff and claims its the direct building material of the hair roots popping out of the follicles. While others say that even though diatomaceous earth can slightly benefit beard growth...

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