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7 Ways to Hide a Weak Jawline & Double Chin with a Beard

can beard hide double chin featured
Men who have weak jawlines, double chins, or receding small chins, will do practically anything to hide them or make them appear more defined. You could try things like mewwing, chewing gum, face exercises, losing weight, even plastic surgery. But at the end of the day, there's an alternative that can easily both disguise a double chin, and add massive amounts...

Beard Not Growing Under Lip? Here’s the Secret to Fill the Gaps

man with full beard under lip
You might be wondering why your beard grows very well on the other areas of your face, but refuses to grow on that small area under the bottom lip. Sure, you might have that little soul patch line there in the middle, but on both sides of it there is typically two bald patches that remain hairless in majority of...

Beard Won’t Connect to Mustache & Sideburns? 7 Ways to Fix it

beard wont connect featured image
Listen, every beard is different, and there's certainly a beard style for everyone. Even if your facial hair refuses to connect to the mustache. But if you would like to fix a beard that doesn't connect, then this guide is just for you. Beard that won't connect is an issue most avid facial hair enthusiast would love to know how to...

Can Rubbing Onion Juice to the Face Promote Beard Growth?

onion juice for beard
One of the most extreme methods of growing a beard faster I've seen recommended online is that rubbing sliced onions or onion juice to your beard would promote its growth. And even though it sounds weird and certainly will make you smell like onion, there is actually some legit reasoning behind the recommendations. Onions are rich in sulfur which is...

Painful Beard: 7 Must-Know Reasons Why Your Beard Hurts

beard pain
Beards are amazing. But for many known and unknown reasons, the skin underneath your beard can get really painful. I'm not talking about a little beard itch, rash, or redness. Instead I'm talking about actual pain, so bad that it hurts to touch your facial hair. Does pain like that even exist? Yes, and since you're reading this article, I have a funny...

How Lifting Weights & Exercise Help Beard Growth (Explained)

exercise and beard growth featured
One of the biggest questions most newbie beard growers ask is if working out would help facial hair growth? The answer is yes. Exercise has a net positive effect on your ability to naturally grow beard. This is because lifting weights and any other type of explosive training will help to raise the bodily levels of testosterone and DHT, which are the...

Why is My Beard Growing Slow? 7 Surprising Causes Explained

why is my beard growing slow featured image
There are men who can sprout a full face of lengthy beard hairs in what seems like just a month or two. And then there's you, whose beard grows so slow that you're beginning to wonder if it will ever even be able to cross your Adam's apple. This begs the question... "Why does my beard grow so slow?" The answer is that...

Does My Beard Ever Stop Growing (Beard Terminal Length Explained)

You have a thick beard growing on you, and you're wondering if it's just going to grow out forever if you just never shave or trim it? The answer is that your beard truly never stops growing, but there is still a set length after which each isolated facial hair strand will fall out and be replaced by a new...

22 Unforgettable & Deep-Rooted Beard Myths Busted for Good

beard myths busted feature image
There are many untrue myths about beards that need a major round of busting. And today, we are going to do exactly that. So get ready and follow me down the rabbit hole as we prepare to uncover the facts behind the 22 most deep-rooted facial hair myths there are. Let's go. ↓ Myth #1. Beards are Dirty and Full of Bacteria I'm sure...

Grow a Beard when You Can’t (Hacks that Trigger New Growth)

bearded young man
Surely you have been told the age-old "you can't grow a beard faster, it's all in the genetics" thing. And according to my stats, this is unlikely to be the first article you read about this subject. But let me just tell you this: The beard secrets I'm about to share with you below are proven to work by scientific studies and...

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