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Beard Powder, or what it really is; the simple food-grade diatomaceous earth – is getting to become quite a topic around the beard scene.

A certain unmentioned YouTuber absolutely praises this stuff and claims its the direct building material of the hair roots popping out of the follicles.

While others say that even though diatomaceous earth can slightly benefit beard growth the selling of “beard powder” is actually just a big scam.

(Many beard supplements and beard growth vitamins are, so I don’t blame them).

Let’s examine:

What is Diatomaceous Earth & Beard Powder?

diatomaceous earth (clay)Diatomaceous earth is a type of hard-shelled algae from freshwater sources. Not very far from purified clay to be honest.

The beard powder name comes from certain marketers who have figured out that beard hair is rich in silica, and therefore eating something that is rich in silica (diatomaceous earth for example), would stimulate beard growth.

They sell this “beard powder” for up to 500% higher price than what you can buy it as normal diatomaceous earth.

Yes. 500% higher price margin. And it’s the same stuff in a glass jar. People buy this from left to right and don’t realize that they’re being scammed.

The beard powder marketers will gladly sell you their “high quality” food-grade diatomaceous earth for roughly 15 bucks per 0.75lb while you can buy even higher quality food-grade diatomaceous earth at Amazon for just a fraction of the price.

Now obviously the beard powder brand is a massive scam, and you can get the same stuff really for fraction of the price without it saying “beard powder” in it.

But does the beard powder (diatomaceous earth) actually help you grow beard?

Can Diatomaceous Earth Grow Beard?

bearded man thinkingThe beard powder marketers will gladly claim that diatomaceous earth grows facial hair by turning small light vellus hairs into the thicker terminal hair.

But let me tell you that they say this with absolutely no scientific validity.

Although each gram of beard hair has 90mcg of silica, this doesn’t necessarily mean that eating silica-rich diatomaceous earth would straight on go to the beard follicles and cause new hair to sprout.

Anecdotally many men claim that silica in the form of diatomaceous earth or other silica-rich products such as bamboo fiber has helped their beard hairs to grow faster, and many women claim the same for their hair and nails after silica use.

The claim that this magical beard powder for absolutely scam price would magically turn vellus hairs into terminal hair is not on solid ground.

Bottom line is that anecdotally diatomaceous earth does help many men to grow better beards and women to grow hair and skin faster, there still isn’t any actual research to back this up.

And you most certainly don’t need to spend crazy amounts of money on beard powder when you can get the same exact stuff for roughly two bucks per pound instead of almost $20.


I bought into the beard powder hype some years ago but was wise enough to actually buy diatomaceous earth at $2 per pound instead of 10x more from the beard powder marketers.

Did it work? Well, not in any significant crazy manner. I felt that my beard grew slightly faster during the use of the silica-rich D.E, but it’s nothing compared to the effects of minoxidil on facial hair growth.

Would I recommend it? Maybe, for the $2 per lb, but absolutely not for the ridiculous $15.99 that the “beard powder makes your beard grow!” crowd tries to sell it to you for. You could almost buy a nice beard care kit for that money instead.

Besides, there are much better ways to fix sparse facial hair growth than beard powder anyway.

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