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The longer your beard gets, the harder it will be to tame – basic math really, but it has to be said.

Long hair that is messy and untameable in the morning is typically called a bed-head, and a beard suffering from the same situation is known as the “bed beard”.

One option is of course, just straightening the beard, but that takes some heavy-duty tools like using a beard straightener or even blow-drying the beard, and that’s not what we will be focusing on here.

Instead, I’m going to present to you a super-simple, quick, morning beard routine template to follow that will come with these benefits:

Ready to get started? Well, let’s get rid of that bed beard then. ↓

Start with Some Beard Brushing

man using beard brush

The first thing you want to do to your beard after you wake up is brushing.

Nothing fancy here, just grab your trusted boar-bristle beard brush and brush around your facial hair for a minute or two to remove any dead skin cells, dandruff, and other nasties hiding in your beard.

This part also helps tame the beard a bit – of course, not to the extent that a straightener or blow dryer would – but still, it helps.

NOTE: It’s always good to remember that a long, thick beard needs a stiff brush, and a shorter, thin beard is better suited for a soft brush.

Quickly Splash the Beard with Water

man washing beard over sink

On some other bed beard prevention guides, you may have seen a recommendation to wash the beard with shampoo.

I don’t recommend doing that, at least not every morning.

The reason is simple; you don’t want to wash your beard too often, as the alkali metal detergents in shampoos will strip-off most of the natural sebum oils that your beard needs.

So instead of fully washing the beard, just quickly splash it with water instead. This will help add some weight to the beard hairs and makes your face fur more manageable.

Add in a Bit of Light Beard Oil

bearded man

This next step is all about moisturizing the beard hairs and the skin underneath your facial hair so that it won’t flake in dry dandruff all over your dark shirts, and you don’t have to suffer from the horrible itch either.

And what better would there be for the job than some light beard oil? When you apply it right after dousing the face with water, the oil will nicely seal in some of that moisture and make the beard look and feel like it has some extra thickness and volume to it.

I suggest you use something with a jojoba oil base (or any of the choices we mentioned earlier in our beard oil ingredients post) but just use 2-4 drops at this time. (this isn’t the last step, we still have one product to use before completion).

NOTE: We have previously listed the best beard moisturizers on the market in this review, you could swap the beard oil into a moisturizer if your skin underneath the beard is really dry.

Finish off with Some Beard Wax

barber using beard wax on client

Last but not least, beard wax.

It’s a combination of beeswax and natural oils, and even just a small amount can give your beard some major taming and styling benefits.

Surely, you could also opt for beard balm, but I prefer to use wax due to its higher volume of beeswax and better hold.

You shouldn’t expect as good results from wax as you can from blow-drying or beard straightener use, BUT this routine with the beard wax included will be much faster and get you out of the door quicker.


Bed beard is an annoying problem, but luckily it can be tackled quite easily with a proper beard morning routine.

Instead of utilizing time-consuming methods like blow-drying or straightening the beard, we are going to attack the issue with some simple beard care essentials in the form of brushing, splashing some water, applying a small amount of beard oil, and finishing off with high-quality beard wax.

This morning beard care routine is stupidly simple, fast, and inexpensive, and most importantly, it helps in taking care of the bed beard.

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