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Landing your dream job could be just a matter of one interview, but if you have a big bushy beard, could your facial hair then be on the way of your work and even completely ruin your chances of getting that dream job?

This is what many modern-day beardsmen are struggling with.

Most job interview guides and instructional posts will often make this remark:

“Men should be clean-shaven and well-clothed to improve their chances of getting the job…”

And while we can certainly understand the part about dressing well, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily part ways with your beard.

Here’s why that could be the case. ↓

Jobs Where You Likely Can Have a Beard

office beard

There are many professions where having a beard can actually help, and makes you look more mature and experienced.

Take something like construction work for example, in this line of work, beards should be absolutely fine, and looking a bit rugged is certainly nothing to shy away from.

Working at a warehouse? Having a beard is unlikely to cause any trouble for anyone, and going to a job interview for such a position with a beard should be fine.

A few years ago, I used to work as a car mechanic, in this line of profession, having facial hair is perfectly acceptable.

The only common-sense rule is to not let it grow wizardly long, as it can get tangled up into the moving parts of the engine and cause some serious injuries for you.

(for this same reason car salesmen sometimes avoid wearing ties with their suits.)

Moving on…

Lumberjacks should definitely be bearded – just for the sake of the stereotype – and also because having a beard can nicely warm your face during the winter months.

Also if you apply for a job in a corporate environment that is a bit more relaxed, such as graphic design, then there’s unlikely to be any strict no-beard policies in the workplace.

“And don’t even get me started with a mall Santa.”

Last but not least…

If you’re thinking of working as a security guard, mall police, or anything like that, then having a beard can symbolize masculinity and power, which can definitely help with creating an image of authority.

Shaving is the Right Choice for Some Jobs

firefighter with a mask

Okay, so you probably excepted me to say that you should never shave for a job interview since we are indeed a beard blog.

However, even with our personal bias towards beardedness, it’s absolutely an obvious fact that in some jobs and professions, being clean-shaven or having little to no facial hair would be the better choice.

Some of the most obvious ones would include working in the military or as a firefighter.

In both professions, you will likely need to wear a gas-mask from time to time, and if you have a big bushy beard, you won’t be able to make a proper seal between the mask and the skin.

That’s also true for jobs where you need to constantly use a respirator, having a big beard is simply an inconvenience and may even expose you to the harmful chemicals/mold/dust.

Although science has shown that bearded men have just as much bacteria in their faces as clean-shaven men, most food service industries still expect men to have no beards when they work there.

“For office jobs, the rules get a bit less clear.”

While many corporate job interviewers do expect you to come in clean-shaven, many modern offices do have a beard policy in which they allow men to have a neatly maintained beard, such as the corporate beard style.

Preparing for a corporate job interview and wondering if you should shave your beard?

Here’s a quick checklist to follow:

  1. Call and ask about their office beard policy. And if they disown facial hair, determine whether the job is actually worth shaving.
  2. Go on LinkedIn or the company website and look around if their male workers have beards. If they’re clean-shaven, it’s a bad sign.
  3. If a company says beards are fine, do still make an effort to shape and sculpt your beard neatly, so that it doesn’t look like pubes.

How to Make Your Beard Look Good For a Job Interview

man with healthy facial hair

So, you have figured out that it would be a good idea to go ahead and get into the job interview with facial hair and not shave at all.

Good call, but how can you make your beard look as presentable as possible so that you have the highest chances of landing the job?

Here are some applicable tips and tricks:


The boring answer to the question of “Should I shave for my job interview” would be the age-old: it depends.

There are many professions where beards are shunned upon – almost to the level of modern-day discrimination…

While other jobs and bosses are perfectly fine with you rocking a beard, as long as it’s safe and doesn’t affect your ability to wear a gas-mask or respirator for example.

If you’re unsure about the beard-policy of your dream job – and you’re headed for a job interview – then the best thing to do would be to simply pick up the phone, call, and ask if it’s fine to rock a beard or not.

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