About Us

ali kuoppalaHello, and welcome.

I’m Ali Kuoppala, the founder, author, and editor of Beard Resource.

I founded this site in the four years ago, to serve as a true and honest beard blog, without the usual misleading information or beard oil peddling sales talk that is all too well known in the beard-o-sphere.

Beard Resource, as the name implies, is a principal resource for all things related to facial hair growth, care, products, and styles. If you have any burning questions about anything beard related, Beard Resource is most likely where you will find the answers.

About The Author

My journey online started in seven years ago, when I founded The Anabolic Men, which currently has over 15-million page views and counting.

I have also authored and co-authored multiple books, most of which can be found in Amazon.

But what got me into writing about beards? Well, my own experiences in struggling with growing my own.

Just a few years ago, I had just a bit of growth on my chin and upper lip, barely anything on the cheeks.

So what I did was that I used my knowledge about hormones and other body hacks I had learned during the years I wrote my earlier websites and converted that information into something that’s applicable for facial hair enhancement.

Did it work? You can be the judge…

my beard journey

Do I think I can teach you how to replicate my success? Absolutely. That’s what prompted me to create Beard Resource in the first place.

I want you to learn all these “secrets” which can truly help you get a sick beard of your own, and most importantly, I want to shake the structures of the online beard industry, which falsely claims that you can grow your beard faster by using their oils and pills (which is not the case, you need something far more powerful).

Beard Resource is not limited to information about growth optimization. After all, I have a big bushy beard now, which needs care and maintenance; so I have to be on the cutting-edge of research on what works for beard care now as well.

I truly hope you enjoy your stay!

Our Content

Taking your Beard Growth to the Next Level

bushy beard and sunglasses

We started our content creation from this amazing guide on how to grow your beard faster. In a few years, it has attracted over 900,000+ readers.

You can also learn about how to get a thicker beard or even about growing a beard when you can’t grow a beard (yes, it’s possible!)

Some of our other popular articles are also related to growth enhancement, such as our guide on patchy beards, and the ultimate guide to the “minoxidil beard“. We were also the first to write a detailed guide about using a Derma Roller for Beard Growth.

Beard Care & Maintenance

beard oil recipe with coconut oil

We wouldn’t be a Beard Resource without articles about beard care. Some of our most popular ones include our guide to preventing a scraggly beard, our detailed response to how often you should trim a beard, and how to make your beard softer.

Want to tackle the most common beard problems? Take a look at these:

We also have basic guides such as “what is beard oil“, “how to make DIY beard oil“, and “how to straighten a beard“.

On top of this we have detailed answers to all of your burning questions about beard oil ingredients and things like how to use peppermint oil for beard growth.

Beard Styles and Shapes

garibaldi beard

Of course, a beard blog wouldn’t be complete without discussion about different beard styles and lengths – and how to trim and grow them.

Here’s our series on different beard lengths:

And here’s some of our posts about different beard styles:

Our Editorial Guidelines

Accurate Information

We believe that every reader of Beard Resource deserves accurate, factual, and fair information.

This is why we double-check everything before we publish our articles, and make sure that every claim in our articles is backed by sufficient evidence, be it scientific or anecdotal.

We are also open to feedback through our comment system. If you – the reader – feel like some point or claim isn’t sufficiently backed up, drop us a comment and we will investigate it further.

If information is changed under new evidence or studies, then our job is to update the content to reflect the recent findings as soon as possible.

Complete Integrity and Transparency

We are not the typical beard blog that tries to sell you every possible beard oil there is under the sun, with the claims that it would grow you a better beard and other such nonsense.

In our site, we will only recommend the things that actually work, and only for their intended purposes.

Our integrity is important to us, and we want to be transparent about what we do and why we do it.

At no time or place shall our editorial integrity be compromised by advertiser influence. If we want to recommend a product to you – the reader – we will be contacting the advertisers to see if they want to be part of our website, not the other way around.