Six months of growing your beard takes a lot of will-power and dedication. That’s already half-way into having your own yeard beard.

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Facial hair normally grows at a rate of ½-inches per month, so after a full 6 months of beard growth, your facial hair should be at the length of 3-inches.

That’s long enough to completely cover the front part of your neck, and at this point even a patchy beard will start to look full due to the hairs already growing covering the bald spots.

Needless to say, a beard this long means that you can shape it into practically any beard style you want. Maybe go for the coveted ducktail beard style, or the classic Garibaldi beard.

If you stick to growing your beard even further from this point, you’re not far off from lengthier styles such as the Bandholz beard.

What Should a 6 Month Beard Look Like

bearded man sunglasses

The 6 month beard is what some call “the power beard”. It’s big, thick, and about 3 inches (7,6 centimeters) long.

By this point the front of your neck will no longer be visible, and depending on how fast your beard grows, the length may even have surpassed your collar bones already.

After you have grown your beard out for this long, you should have no visible skin showing on your chin or lower cheeks.

If your beard fails to fill up even after 6 months, then it may be time to think whether you should be going for the full beard at all, or just stick to a shorter or completely different style.

But what exactly does a facial hair look like after 182 days (6 months) of growing? Below are some examples.

Six Month Beard Examples

6 month beard
Here’s what a six month beard will roughly look like without any major trimming. As you can see, it certainly looks rough and masculine, but it’s also somewhat unkempt probably wouldn’t work out that well in a suit for example.
curly six month beard
Here’s a 6 month beard example where the sides, jawline, and cheeks have been trimmed, but the rest of the beard looks to be growing wildly. What you will start seeing around the 6-month mark usually is the “French fork beard” effect at the bottom where the facial hair will suddenly start separating, leaving a gap in the middle.
6 month beard side view
Here’s a side profile of a nice full 6 month beard. As you can see, the neck hairs make up quite a bit of the actual “bulk” at the lower part of the facial hair. It’s important that you do not trim your neckline too aggressively when growing out a big beard, otherwise you will leave an empty gap between the beard and the front of your neck.
man with brutal beard
Here’s an example of a nicely trimmed 6 month beard with a rounded bottom and mustache waxed to the sides. This facial hair style is called “The Verdi Beard“.

How to Grow and Trim a Six Month Beard

barber using a small beard brush

When growing a beard out for six months, you can either grow it out 100% natural without any trimming whatsoever or you could periodically trim your beard as it grows out.

Personally I would recommend the latter option, as a six month beard without any trimming will most certainly look like a hideous bundle of scraggly beard hairs.

The kind of maintenance trimming you should do to your facial hair involves things like maintaining the beards neckline, keeping the beard hairs at somewhat even lengths, and making sure that your mustache hairs wont droop down into your mouth.

Here is an example from Matty Conrad, the founder of Victory Barber & Brand, who shows us few simple to trimming a big 6 month beard:

Beard Products You Need for This Beard Length

big forest beard balm tin

So, what are the best beard products for a six month beard you ask?

It depends on your goals and needs, of course.

You will need to moisturize the beard and the skin underneath, and the natural sebum oil isn’t enough when a big 3″+ facial hair is soaking all of it up. For this reason it’s important that you get yourself some beard oil or beard balm.

If your facial hair grows curly, then you are going to struggle with keeping it neat and orderly. To help you out, get a tin of beard wax and take a look at our list of best beard straighteners.

Beard brushes and combs are obviously helpful when maintaining a big beard, and at this point you should be owning a few of them already.

For your occasional grooming needs, having a pair of quality beard scissors and a beard trimmer is recommended.

Pros and Cons of a Half-Year Beard

man with a long bushy beard

As you know, beards come with a lot of benefits, but there are also some drawbacks.

When it comes to a 6 month beard, the obvious pro is that you now look like a certified bad-ass with a big beard that is going to get you noticed.

When people don’t remember your name, they will likely say “Oh it’s that dude with a sick beard”, Nice.

If you keep your beard looking clean and neat – and avoid the dreaded pube beard look – then it’s almost guaranteed that a six month beard will greatly improve your overall appearance, no matter what style you choose to shape it into.

On the flipside though, there are people who hate beards, and in their eyes, you are probably turning into a hideous monster with each new beard hair you grow.

A big beard can also make you look less professional on many white-collar jobs, and may even be straight up prohibited in many workplaces.

And while you might think that you’re saving time by not having to shave your face every morning, you will quickly realize that it takes more time to maintain a big beard than it would take to just religiously shave the face.


After growing your beard for six months, you should be rocking a facial hair around the length of 3-inches.

As you grow it out, you should be periodically trimming the beard a bit to keep it nice and neat – nothing major, just snip away the rogue hairs and even the beard up if it starts to get out of control.

The 6 month beard is already half-way into a full yeard beard, and at this point you should stop and consider where you want to take the beard from this point on.

Will you stop and sculpt it into a good-looking beard style, or will you just blast straight through another six months to reach the ultimate goal of the #yeard?

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