man with a nice five month beard growth

A beard that has grown uninterrupted for five months falls under the category of medium beard.

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Typically men’s beard growth rate is ½-inch (1,27 cm) per month, which puts the length of a five month beard into 2.5″ (6,35 cm). This is the beard length where the bottom part of the facial hair will start to cover the Adam’s apple.

But what should your 5 month beard growth look like? How should you maintain it and with what beard products? Continue reading below to get all the details.

What Should a 5 Month Beard Look Like

strong beard

Like said, a beard that’s grown for five months – that’s a whopping 152 days – is long enough to completely cover the Adam’s apple in most men.

So it goes without saying that we are not talking about a little baby beard anymore, this is real beard territory from here on out (and has been for a couple of months).

Of course, we all have different beard growth rates depending on genetics, nutrition and lifestyle factors, etc. And while some beards are thick and dense, others grow in patchy and thin, which is why every five month beard looks somewhat different.

So what does a five month beard look like then? Below are some examples.

Five Month Beard Examples

black man with 5 month beard growth
Here is an African American male with a nicely shaped five month beard and untrimmed cheek area. This thick of a beard is not typical, so consider yourself lucky if you can pull it off, especially the thick underlip that fully covers the chin.
balding man with a 20 week beard
Here’s a blonde 5 month beard that looks to be mostly naturally grown with minimal trimming.
unkempt medium beard
Here’s a younger guy with somewhat unkempt looking sides on a ~20 week beard. It’s noticeably thinner than the two examples above but still looks great.
untrimmed cheeks on a five month facial hair
This biker has decided to leave his cheek area unmaintained. The mustache is really thick as is the rest of the beard.
thick 5 month beard growth
In this example the mustache is kept long and only the jawline and sides are slightly trimmed and shaped.
beard no mustache
Here’s a younger guy with a mustacheless alternative. The cheeks are also kept low.

How to Grow and Maintain a Beard for 20 Weeks

barber using beard wax on client

Growing a beard is all about laying down the razor and not shaving for an extended period of time.

In the case of the five month facial hair, the time period is of course a full 20 weeks (and hopefully even longer).

While you could let your beard grow out all natural without any trimming whatsoever, I still recommend that you do some minimal maintenance trimming during the time it takes your beard to gain the length you’re looking for.

What sort of maintenance trimming am I talking about? Well, here are some examples.

Quick note on trimming: You want to make sure that you’re using a guard comb so big that it barely cuts anything off. This way you’re actually not shortening the vertical length of your beard which would set you back on the time it takes to reach your beard’s length goal.

Beard Products Suitable for a 5 Month Beard

beard scissors

When you have a beard as long as ~2.5″ it can easily dry out as the natural sebum oil produced by the sebaceous glands can’t keep up with the massive demand.

Hence, why beard oil is one of the most important beard products you need to use for a five month beard.

You should also get a good set of beard scissors and a beard trimmer for the maintenance trimming part, and it goes without saying that a quality beard brush and some beard combs are mighty useful too.

Depending on how badly your beard wants to curl, you might also want to check out our review of best beard straighteners and maybe grab yourself a tin of beard wax.

Pros and Cons of a Five Month Beard

bearded man

After you’ve grown your beard out for five months, you have a big bulky bundle of hair on your face.

This hair is like a blank canvas, where either you or a professional barber can easily work their magic on and get you practically any beard style you want (except the longer ones).

If you are on the chubbier side or you have a weak jaw/chin, a five month beard is the perfect length to hide a double chin. With an angular trim and short sides, a 5 month beard can give you an appearance of a chiseled and strong jaw.

Is it all pros then? Nah, there are some big downsides to growing a beard for 20 weeks as well.

One is that it takes massive amount of patience and self-control to actually not shave your face for five months when everyone and their dog is expecting you to do so.

Not to mention how difficult that is when the days come where your beard looks like a patchy mess or you just look into the mirror and wonder why your beard has started to look like a bundle of pubes.

I’m sure some anti-beard person could come up with an impressive list of all the negatives of growing a beard, but personally I can’t figure out many. Maybe the possibility that it could – at times – make you look less professional in a white collar job, but that’s about it.


So you grew your beard out for five months? Congratulations, it’s now a bundle of facial hair that should be reaching ~2.5″ in length.

That’s enough to almost completely cover your neck.

You maintain it slightly with beard scissors and a beard trimmer, and of course you should be moisturizing a beard like that with some good quality beard oil (natural sebum oil production is not going to cut it anymore).

What do you think? Did we miss any important tips and tricks about five month beard growth? Let us know in the comments below.

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