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A beard that has been growing for four months is categorized as a medium-length beard.

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Since average facial hair growth rate is ½-inch per month, a four month beard is typically 2″ (5cm) in length.

But what should a 4 month beard look like? How to grow and maintain it properly? And what products should you be using on a beard of this size? Keep on reading below to find out all the answers.

What Should a 4 Month Beard Look Like

older man with a 4 month facial hairWhile it’s impossible to say what your beard will look like at the four month mark (due to differences in genetics, nutrition, lifestyle, etc), it can still be helpful to look at other peoples 4 month beards to see some examples of what to expect.

Nevertheless, your beard will most likely be 2-3″ (5-8cm) in length.

It goes without saying that if you grow your beard out for full 16 weeks without any trimming or shaving in-between, your beard should start to look pretty impressive by now.

But at the same time, without any trimming, a beard that has been grown wildly for a whopping four months will look seriously unkempt and messy, like a proper scraggly beard (which is why many men choose to trim their necklines and lineup their cheeks when growing big beards).

In the examples below, you can see a series of four month beards, so that you can craft a visual image of how a 4 month beard could look like on you (unless, you already grew that before coming to this article!)

Four Month Beard Examples

beard in wind
This windy picture shows a nice moderately trimmed four month beard. Instead of the usual sharp edges at the chin and jaw, this example has a more natural looking rounded shape at the bottom.
glorious 16 week beard
Here’s an example of a 4 month beard with more angular approach to the trimming. This example is also remarkably straight, possibly even straightened with either a blow-dryer or beard straightening brush.
neatly trimmed four month facial hair
In this example we can see what kind of results a professional barber can pull off with ~4 months of growth. The chin and mustache are left naturally long, while the cheeks are evenly trimmed to around 1″ length.
natural 4 month beard with minimal trimming
This is what a 4 month beard should look like with minimal trimming. Certainly this guy has a very thick natural beard growth, which makes his beard stand out even without trimming, but if yours grows in patchier and scraggly, then it might be better NOT to grow it out completely without trimming.

How to Grow and Maintain a Beard for 16 Weeks

shaving equipmentLike I’ve said before, there really isn’t any set of rules on how you need to grow out your beard.

The only thing you have to do is set down the razor and then keep resisting the urge to shave even though there will be periods of time where the fresh growth of beard will look awkward.

You could either grow your beard 100% wild and natural without even trimming the neckline or cleaning up the upper cheeks, but what most people do and what I recommend is to occasionally do a little clean up trimming on the neck, upper cheeks, and mustache.

What Products are Best for 4 Month Beard Length

beard products on a kitchen sinkFirst of all, you need beard oil. The longer your beard gets, the harder it will be for your sebaceous glands to keep up with the natural sebum oil production.

At 4-months you are already stretching the limits and without beard oil you are probably already feeling the beard itch and dryness in the skin underneath your facial hair.

We have previously written a buyer’s guide on the best beard oils here, so go check that out.

Beard brush and beard combs are also highly recommended at this point. You need to be able to untangle the beard hairs and exfoliate the beard skin for optimal beard health. Both of those tools are essential, yet cost barely anything, so don’t skip on them.

Some other basic beard products useful for 4 month beard include:

Bonus tip: If you have a curly beard, the 4-month mark is a time when the natural curling appears to go on some sort of hyperdrive (don’t ask me how I know). Luckily, most beard straighteners are designed for a 2″ beard length, so if you have been thinking about straightening your beard at home, I highly recommend you to check out our buyer’s guide on the best beard straighteners here.

Pros and Cons of a Four Month Beard

bearded man thumbs upSo you’ve grown out your beard for a whopping four months, what are the benefits then?

Well, for starters, you now have a sick beard. It’s not a baby beard or a measly stubble like most guys have, it’s a real proper ~2″ beard and people WILL take notice.

Another great perk is that you now have a “blank canvas” to work with on your face, as you can shape and trim a 2-inch beard into almost any beard style known to man. Want to grow a wolverine beard, then why not? Maybe a BeardStache? The sky is the limit.

You could even wait a few months and transition into owning your very own big Viking beard.

So is it all positives then? No. Bigger beards do come with a few drawbacks.

You might be looking less professional, and this might hurt your image in certain workplaces, especially in white-collar jobs.

I’m sure you have also noticed how much time it can take to tame and maintain a beard once it gets longer. At 2″ length it’s not that bad yet, but “bed beard“, crazy curls, beard split-ends and other beard problems are surely going to start eating up your time.


A four month beard is a medium-length 2″ (5cm) beard.

It takes some patience to grow and maintain, but once you’re done you can easily convert it into almost any beard style you want with the help of a beard trimmer and some beard scissors.

Sure it will be more time consuming to maintain a beard as it grows bigger (2″ is not bad yet by all means) and you might need to get some more products like balms, waxes, etc. but it will all be worth it in the end…

Because your beard is getting bad-ass!

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